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Range Hoods

Find Your Perfect Bosch Range Hood

High performance, low noise, and available in multiple styles to suit your space.

Shop Range Hoods by Type

Every kitchen is different, so choose the range hood that fits your space.

Shop Range Hoods by Width

Your range hood should match the dimensions or be slightly bigger than your existing range.

Shop Range Hoods by Range Type and CFM

Be sure to select the right range hood type for your new or existing range.

Range Hoods for Electric and Induction Ranges

A rating of 250 CFM is suitable for most electric and induction ranges.

Range Hood Strength

The power to move air is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). Your range hood CFM will vary by type. Typically, the higher the CFM, the louder the range hood will be. 

HVI Certification:

Green-building programs, building codes and standards across Canada rely on HVI-Certified ratings programs, select brands of our range hoods are HVI-Certified for noise, air flow, energy usage and lighting.

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Shop Range Hoods by Finish

Tips for Optimal Range Hood Performance

range hood

Choose a range hood as wide as your range or slightly wider. Install it a minimum of 24” and a maximum of 36" above your range optimal performance.

range hood

If your smoke alarm goes off frequently while cooking, consider a higher CFM range hood to move air faster.

range hood

A range hood with multiple fan speeds will allow you to customize the level of ventilation and noise depending on your specific needs.

range hood

Lower CFM range hoods are best for open-concept kitchens, while higher CFM range hoods are better for galley-style kitchens.

Ducted and Convertible Range Hoods

There are two different types of ventilation options when selecting a range hood.

Shop Range Hoods by Feature

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Choose the Perfect Range Hood for your Space

Range hoods are not only a stunning feature in your kitchen, but they also help control the smoke and odours that you create while cooking by either moving them outside or circulating them through filters.  

Kitchen Range Hood Types

Depending on the type of kitchen you have, or the amount of space available, you can get a variety of range hood types. Wall-mounted range hoods and under cabinet range hoods are a popular choice for most kitchens, while island range hoods are the choice for kitchens with a large island. Choosing the right type of range hood is important to get the best and most efficient air movement. The size you choose is also important. You should always choose a range hood that matches your range dimensions, or one that is slightly bigger.

Kitchen Range Hood CFM

Another thing to consider is your range hood’s power to move air, measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). Choose a range hood CFM that is appropriate for your space.

Ducted and Ductless Range Hoods

Ducted and ductless range hoods (also known as convertible range hoods) are different options as well. Ducted range hoods connect to your existing ducts to move air outside, while ductless range hoods use filters to clean and recirculate the air back into your kitchen.

No matter what type of range hood you’re looking for, you’ll find a great selection at The Home Depot Canada.