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The Home Depot Canada Foundation

Summer Orange Door Project Campaign

Thank you to our customers and associates for their amazing efforts in support of the Summer Orange Door Project Campaign!

1 in 5 youth in Canada experience homelessness. Through The Orange Door Project Campaign, The Home Depot Canada Foundation will disburse over $1.4M to support 125 local organizations that are committed to preventing and ending youth homelessness in Canada.

Home Depot Canada Foundation

About the Foundation

The Home Depot Canada Foundation is committed to preventing and ending youth homelessness in Canada. Together with community partners across the country, we work to remove barriers, break cycles of inequity, and enable at-risk youth facing homelessness to achieve positive development outcomes and realize their full potential. The Home Depot Canada Foundation has pledged $50M by 2022 to help prevent and end youth homelessness and as of the start of 2021, the Foundation has distributed $38M of this pledge through 4 core programmatic areas: housing, employment and life skills, prevention, and research.

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The Issue

Despite ongoing community efforts, youth homelessness continues to be a on the rise in Canada. The issues homeless youth face daily are complex and require holistic approaches and wrap-around community support. Homeless youth make up approximately 20% of the homeless population in Canada, meaning each year at least 35,000 – 40,000 young Canadians have no place to call home. They need a safe place to live. They need access to support services that will help them develop positive life outcomes.

Our Mission

To prevent and end youth homelessness
in Canada.

Our Commitment

Engaging a network of generous partners and supporters, including The Home Depot Canada, associates, suppliers, customers, and community partners we work tirelessly to improve housing options for vulnerable youth, supporting life skills development and employment programs, while investing in research initiatives that help identify the most effective solutions to youth homelessness.

Foundation and Community News

Read about the latest news and updates on The Foundation’s programs and initiatives.

Our Foundation members are made up of the following:

Board of Directors

The Home Depot Canada Foundation's Board of Directors consists of associates from The Home Depot who work in various capacities throughout the organization. They bring their specialized skills and expertise to the work of the Foundation.

Name Title
Pam O’Rourke
Vice President, Merchandising
Ryan Wilkie
Regional Director of Operations, Western Canada
Serge Carestia
Vice President, Supply Chain
Steven Vetrone
District Operations Manager, D230
Craig Ingram
Director, Field Execution, Merchandising Services
Doug Graham
VP, eCommerce & Marketing
Azmina Hussein
Regional Vice-President, Eastern Region
Ginny Hicks Director, Marketing and Advertising
Rajendra Sidhaye Director, Finance
Andre Vogl Director, Legal

Supplier Advisory Committee

The Home Depot Canada Foundation established a Supplier Advisory Committee to recognize the suppliers that generously support the Foundation and its mission.  Members provide input and feedback on the Foundation’s ongoing plans and activities, which helps inform the general direction of the Foundation as well as program planning and execution.

Our Supplier Advisory Committee members are:

  • Rob Cresswell, Behr Process Corp
  • Mitch Dennehy, TTI Canada Inc
  • Randy MacDonald, Alexandria Moulding
  • Scott Anderson, Hillman Group
  • John Gross, The Peak Group of Companies
  • Barbara O’Reilly, Rheem
  • Ben Sawatzky, Spruceland
  • Cengiz Elmaagacli, Anatolia Tile
  • Brent Acton, Manulife Financial
  • Kim Maguire, Canada Cartage System LP
  • Peter Kiley, Oldcastle Inc
  • Courtney McDowell, Canarm
  • Lara Nathans, McCarthy Tetrault LLP

Thought Leadership Council

The Home Depot Canada Foundation formed a Thought Leadership Council of stakeholders in the youth homelessness sector to help identify program priorities and to develop, execute and evaluate initiatives related to ending youth homelessness in Canada.

Our Thought Leadership Council members are:

  • Dr. Stephen Gaetz, York University and the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (Toronto, ON)
  • Sheldon Pollett, Choices for Youth (St. John's, NL)
  • Erika Morton, Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton (Hamilton, ON)
  • Kelly Holmes, RaY(Resource Assistance for Youth ) (Winnipeg, MB)
  • David French, A Way Home Coalition National Initiatives (Toronto, ON)
  • Melanie Redman, A Way Home Coalition National Initiatives (Toronto, ON)

District Community Investment Committee

The District Community Investment Committee is co-chaired by two members of The Home Depot Canada Foundation Board of Directors and is made up of one store leader from every District. The Committee exists to provide leadership and support to the Foundation and will act as the voice of The Home Depot’s associate community.

  • Yann Kerroch, D249 (DM : Jean- Francoise Chagnon) (East)
  • Michelle Charest , D230 (DM : Phillippe St Georges) (East)
  • Justyna Metcalfe, D 89 (DM: Robert Forgie (East)
  • Justin Hannigan, D 204 (DM: Jessica Bell) (East)
  • Aqueelah Ashby , D 350 (DM: Preet Gill) (East)
  • Marnie McKean, D203 (DM: Stewart MacDonald) (East)
  • Herman Randawa, D55 (DM: Ray Goral) (East)
  • Scott Grady, D159 (DM: Gaetano Beradi) (East)
  • Robert Peters, D125 (East)
  • Brent Kerr, D315 (DM: Sebastian Brand) (East)
  • Corey Kennedy D158 (DM: Mark Blackwell) (East)


  • Rodrigo Reyes, D40 (DM: Cheryl Adams-Farrell) (West)
  • Brandy Ginther, D 191 (DM: David Poliquin) (West)
  • Mike Renaud, D54 (DM: Cameron Sadler) (West)
  • Kyle Ross D342 (DM: Brian Mottershead ) (West)
  • Deepa Amin D280 (DM: Sarb Hayer) (West)
  • Debbie Boros D126 (DM: Ryan Laird) (West)
  • Duane Brown D339 (DM : Pierre Longchamps) (West)
  • Tanya Lowrie , D157 (DM: Chuck Reimer) (West)
  • Denise Ferreira District office 7180 (West)

Make a Difference

Help us end youth homelessness.

Together, we can give our youth the opportunity to realize a brighter future.


Send your questions to  To apply for a grant, check out our Apply page.

Charitable Registration Number: 828431015RR0001