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Whether you need a sneeze guard, plastic shields for a project, barriers or displays, The Home Depot Canada has plexiglass for every situation and need.

Lexan plastic is a polycarbonate material that can be used for a variety of things. A lexan sheet has a higher impact resistance than plexiglass but scratched easier. It is a great choice for all types of projects.

Plexiglass is an acrylic material that has a higher scratch resistance than lexan, with a shinier finish. It tends to cost a bit less than lexan but is easier to crack.

Plastic sheets are a great option for barriers in the workplace to help avoid spreading of germs. They can be used as shelving to display items, acoustic shields, light diffusers, cases and more.

No matter what your needs, The Home Depot Canada has all of your acrylic and polycarbonate plexiglass needs.