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Enjoy the Flexibility of Carpet Tiles

When you think of carpet you probably imagine the wall-to-wall type that comes in big riles. Residential carpet tiles and commercial carpet tiles are becoming a more popular option today because they offer unique flexibility you won’t get with traditional carpet.

Easy to install, floor carpet tiles and carpet squares go down in smaller sections. This gives you the ability to quickly replace rug squares when one is damaged. That’s important in high-traffic spaces. Carpet tiles can also be used to create a unique pattern when configuring your layout.

Designed to be durable, you can even find outdoor carpet tiles for porches and patios. These rugged carpet squares are made to stand up to the elements and look their best throughout their life.

Carpet Tile Colours and Patterns to Suit Your Style

Like traditional carpet that comes rolled up, carpet tiles are available in tons of different looks. To find one that works, you’ll need to consider your existing décor or your plan for your residential or commercial interior design.

Single-coloured carpet tiles are a common option for a wall-to-wall carpet look. That’s why we have everything from stately grey carpet tiles to bold green carpet tiles and blue carpet tiles. You can use one colour or mix-and-match to create a colourful pattern. This works especially well in a nursery, child’s room, play area or family-friendly outdoor space.

Trying to add a little more style to a dull room? Patterned carpet squares can give your space a sense of movement and help tie together disparate décor pieces.

For a more subdued look, we’ve got an assortment of textured carpet tiles that provide visual interest to your room without being overwhelming. These work very well in all spaces from traditional homes to transitional and more modern commercial spaces.