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Tips for Growing Great Annuals:

1. Young plants need lots of water to grow roots so ensure you water frequently.

2. Plant in the ground, or large pot, as soon as possible to give the plants time to adjust to their new soil. Don’t let them outgrow their pots.

3. Don't be afraid to cut and prune dead leaves or flowers, they will regrow quickly and promote plant health.

4. When going away for more than a week, prune your annuals just before leaving and they'll be back in bloom when you return.

5. A good, deep watering in the early morning will leave them prepared to handle the afternoon sun and prevent wilting.

6. Annuals expend a lot of energy setting buds and blooming. Even in soil rich in organic matter, it helps to feed them every 3-6 weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer.

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Transform your garden with beautiful petunias, geraniums, gerberas, marigolds, calibrachoas and begonias. Feed your plants for optimal bloom by using an organic fertilizer, plant food and rich soil.