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Precision Marking & Layout Tools for Every Job

Framing squares are tools designed for use when laying out wall, roof and stairway construction projects.

Speed squares are essential tools in any carpenter’s toolbox, providing an easy way to draw lines perpendicular to the edges of boards or mark angles from 0 to 90 degrees.

A chalk line is an easy-to-use hand tool with powdered chalk housed within its case, used to draw straight lines in various applications. Once in position, this string can be pulled taut before plucked or snapped to leave an even line of chalk across whatever surface you need to mark.

A plumb bob is an essential tool that’s been in use in construction applications for thousands of years and is used for marking walls with layout marks and positioning fixtures and decorations in relation to objects or surfaces above or below.

Angle finders are an indispensable tool for woodworkers and DIYers requiring accurate angle measurements or marking stock for cutting. These handheld tools feature two hinged arms connected by hinges with protractor-like scales that accurately read inside and outside angles.

Carpenter pencils are specialty pencils designed with rectangular shapes to prevent rolling and wide leads from resisting breaking on rough surfaces.

Flagging tape is ideal for communicating any safety hazards or marking land boundaries and landmarks, making their location easier to find.

When you’re ready to tackle that next project, check out our array of marking and layout tools for every job!