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Find the Right Hand Tools for the Job

Power tools are great for efficiency and ease, but there are times when you’ll need the right hand tool for a more intricate job. It may require more time, but you’ll have better control over your finished product. The Home Depot Canada carries a wide selection of hand tools for all projects, from hand saws and axes to pliers, screwdrivers, tape measures and chisels.

Make It Concise with a Level

Don’t you hate when a picture frame or shelf on the wall is crooked? Avoid those scenarios by using a level while you’re putting them up. Are you redoing your floors? Use a laser level to ensure your flooring is even. Levels are easy to use and come in handy for any project, from hanging up a picture frame to building a new table for your dining room. 

Find the Right Hammer for Your Needs

Finding the right hammer for your project may not seem like a big deal, but it can make your life a lot easier by saving you time and effort. There are different sizes and materials to consider. Wood handle hammers are a budget-friendly option that work great around the house. Metal shaft hammers are sturdy and will last for years. If you use your hammer often for bigger projects, spring for a top-of-the-line fibreglass hammer with a comfort grip to absorb most of the shock and keep you safe. The Home Depot Canada has you covered so you find the right hammer for your needs.

A Wrench for Projects Big or Small

Stock your toolbox with a variety of wrenches for all home projects. Whether you’re fixing a leaky showerhead, tightening a loose table leg or changing a tire, The Home Depot Canada has a wide assortment of wrenches to get the job done. Choose a monkey wrench that’s adjustable to fit different sized nuts or for heavy duty jobs such as engine or tire work, choose an impact wrench or torque wrench.