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Shop Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves at The Home Depot

Keeping your space warm in the cold winter months can mean running the heat pretty much around the clock. You may not need to heat every room in your home though. Spaces without central heating like cabins are even more difficult to keep warm.

Wood stoves, pellet stoves and freestanding fireplaces can help. We’ve got a range of styles you can use to add vintage charm to your living room, heat your whole cabin or keep your camp site toasty.

Wood Stoves

Designed to burn real wood logs, wood stoves are a traditional choice for heating just about any space. In many cases, choosing the right one depends on how big the area you’re aiming to heat is.

At The Home Depot, we’ve got wood burning fireplace and stove designs that can heat rooms up to 2,400 square feet or more. These are an ideal choice for open floor plan cabins and large living rooms and family spaces. Smaller, more cost-effective styles are available as well.

Typically made from heavy-duty cast iron or steel, wood stoves provide a rustic look and feel that many people love.

Pellet Stoves

Made to utilize wood pellets to create that roaring fire, pellet stoves are a popular pick for homes and more rustic spaces like cabins. The fact that they’re typically easier to load since you won’t need large logs is a big selling point for many buyers.

Pellet stoves also need to plug into the wall, making use of electricity to operate properly. You’ll need to take that into account if you’re shopping for a wood pellet stove for a more rustic space like a cabin.

Like our wood stoves, pellet stoves are designed to heat a range of different size spaces. Look for a wood pellet stove based on square footage and BTU rating to get an efficient design for your space.

Looking for a pellet stove that can burn for hours? Shop for a design with a generous hopper size. 80-pound styles are popular since they’ll keep the heat going through the afternoon and evening.

Portable Wood Stoves

Ideal for less permanent installations, we’ve got a range of portable free standing fireplaces and electric wood stove designs. Made to be lightweight yet sturdy, portable designs come in slim and corner styles for unique and extra-small spaces.

Our portable wood stoves that weigh less than 75 pounds are also an excellent pick for camp sites. Some styles even have removable legs to make pack-up and travel a breeze.

Stay warm and add style to any space with a traditional wood stove, pellet stove, electric wood stove or fireplace from The Home Depot. Shop online today to find the right size and style for your home, cabin or camp site.