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Achieve Maximum Precision With our Leveling Tools

Levels are essential construction tools, yet many people aren’t aware of all the varieties available. Some offer extra features, while others are designed to perform their function simply and efficiently.

Explore our range of Level Tools.

A bubble level is one of the go-to tools for construction work. These handy hand levels often feature tube vials in their center that enable users to assess if surfaces are level, while angled vials at either end help identify which surface is vertical (plumb).

Spirit levels are a straightforward instrument that measures horizontal or vertical leveling by positioning a bubble inside a small tube at the centre of a level between two lines.

Laser levels are designed to be accurate and easy to use, using sensors or self-levelling mechanisms to take readings more reliably and minimize disturbances (such as tipping) that could skew results. A torpedo level is great for small projects such as hanging pictures and shelves. Additionally, they’re convenient when working in tight spaces where longer models may get in the way or be too bulky to fit comfortably.

Post levels are great tools for one-person jobs to help increase productivity and accuracy on-site. They feature tough, moulded bodies with acrylic vials that make reading hands-free reading simple, as well as a magnetic attachment for metal surfaces or elastic strap attachment for non-magnetic materials.

Magnetic-level tools are usually used in engineering or industrial applications. These tools allow for measuring the liquid levels in tanks, drums, and pressure vessels to prevent spills or overfilling.

No matter the job you’re working on, we’re sure to have the tools to help you get it done! So please browse our selection to find the right level for your job at a great everyday low price!