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Whether your style is modern or traditional, LG’s line up of innovative, intuitive and resource-saving appliances are there to make life easier.

It's All Connected at Home

LG Thinq

Welcome to the LG Connected Home Powered by ThinQ

Imagine getting notified by your oven that your wings are ready or your dryer using AI to take better care of your clothes. This is what the LG Connected Home is all about. Every appliance seamlessly integrates ThinQ® technology and Wi-Fi connectivity to make life at home easier.

LG ThinQ -

LG ThinQ

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    LG ThinQ - Air Fry
  2. 02
    LG ThinQ - Refrigerators
  3. 03
    LG ThinQ - Washer & Dryer
  4. 04
    LG ThinQ - Front Load Washer
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Explore LG’s collection of appliances for the kitchen and laundry, from fridges to washers and dryers.

Smart Living Starts with the ThinQ App

Control your appliances with your smartphone. The LG ThinQ app gives you instant control over your smart home devices.

What's New at LG

Check out the latest innovation in LG appliances.

LG Refrigerators -

LG Refrigerators

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    LG - Craft Ice™
  2. 02
    LG - InstaView™ Door-in-Door®
  3. 03
    LG - ThinQ® for Refrigerators
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LG Ranges & Ovens -

LG Ranges & Ovens

  1. 01
    LG Air Fry
  2. 02
    LG Instaview Range
  3. 03
    LG Smart Assistant
  4. 04
    LG Smart Cooking
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LG Dishwashers -

LG Dishwashers

  1. 01
    LG Dishwasher - ThinQ App
  2. 02
    LG Dishwasher - EasyRack™ Plus
  3. 03
    LG Dishwashers - QuadWash™
  4. 04
    LG Dishwashers - TrueSteam®
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LG Washers & Dryers -

LG Washers & Dryers

  1. 01
    LG - AI DD™ & AI Dry
  2. 02
    LG - TurboWash™ 360
  3. 03
    LG - AI SensorDry™
  4. 04
    LG - TurboSteam™
  5. 05
    LG - Smart Pairing™
  6. 06
    LG - ezDispense™
  7. 07
    LG - Smart Notification
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Keep Cool with an LG Refrigerator

LG offers the latest innovation in refrigerators. At The Home Depot Canada, you can find LG refrigerators by type, including French door refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators, top freezer refrigerators and more. LG fridges come with a variety of features, including smart capabilities, ice/water dispensing, fingerprint-resistant coatings and more. If you'd like to upgrade to an LG fridge, make sure you measure where you want your refrigerator to go, allow extra room on top, sides and back for ventilation and check connections to make sure you have what you need.

Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat with LG Washers & Dryers

Laundry is an important task and you have to have the right washer and dryer to get the job done right. LG washing machines come in front and top load options and in different sizes. You can get a smaller one for an apartment or an ultra large capacity one for a big family home. Get an LG dryer to create a matching set - some models can even be stacked on top of each other. Want to connect your LG washer and dryer to your smartphone? LG offers smart capabilities so you can manage your laundry from an app on your phone. The Home Depot Canada will deliver your new LG washer and dryer right to your home.

Fresh & Clean Dishes with LG Dishwashers

LG dishwashers come in built-in top-control and built-in front-control options so you can choose what you prefer. Have a small space? No problem! LG dishwashers can come in slimline, portable and countertop options. LG dishwashers have all the latest features. You can choose Wi-Fi-compatible, water/energy-efficient, quiet dishwashers and more. Browse LG dishwashers on The Home Depot Canada website.