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Microwave ovens are the ultimate convenience for cooking and warming up food. They’re in practically every house whether above your range, on your counter or somewhere else in your kitchen. There are a lot of choices for style and type of microwave however, and we’ve got everything you need at The Home Depot Canada -- including small microwaves, built-in microwaves and countertop microwave ovens -- to ensure that you get exactly what you want, so you can enjoy the ease of microwave cooking.

Solo Microwave Ovens

Solo microwave ovens are your traditional microwave and sit on your countertop. They can reheat, cook or defrost with ease, and are likely to fulfill the needs of most consumers for basic cooking needs. There are other types of microwaves that are available however, that have different features and benefits.

Over the Range Microwave Ovens

Over the Range Microwave Ovens are common household items that include a vent for dispersing the heat from your cooktop. They also feature lights to illuminate your cooktop, so you always have the right amount of light when cooking. Over the range microwave ovens are also a great idea for those looking to free up some counter space, making them a great option for smaller kitchens.

Convention Microwave Ovens

Convention microwave ovens can do everything that a regular solo microwave can, with the added benefit of being able to grill, bake, roast and crisp foods. You can even use metal in this type of oven on any setting but microwave. They do tend to be more expensive though.

Grill Microwave Ovens

If you don’t need the bake and roast features, but would still like to grill, a grill microwave oven gives you that ability, without having to buy the more expensive convection microwave oven.

Built-In Microwave Ovens

When you’re designing a new kitchen, or remodelling your old one, consider having a built-in microwave oven installed. It fits into your cabinetry seamlessly, without taking up space over your range or on your countertop. You can get it in the same colour as your appliances to match, completing the look and making it fit perfectly.