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Update your kitchen with a Whirlpool microwave and enjoy the luxury of stronger cooking power, consistent heating, and perfectly timed cooking pre-sets. Delivery fees may apply.

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The Home Depot Protection Plan

Protection Pays Off

Home Depot Protection Plan coverage for new appliances beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

    Covers mechanical and electrical malfunctions plus product breakdowns during normal use.*

✔    Covers up $250 of spoiled food caused by mechanical failure of protected appliances.

    100% parts and labour, no deductibles or hidden fees.

    Covers your new appliance for an additional 4 years after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

    Includes premium tech support for smart appliances during the manufacturer’s warranty and the entire 4 year protection plan term.

    5-Day Service Guarantee

The Perfect Microwave for your Kitchen

Choosing a microwave is an important decision that depends on a number of factors including kitchen space, size, placement and more. Whether you’re looking for an over-the-range microwave, a built-in microwave or a countertop microwave, The Home Depot Canada has you covered with a great selection from top name brands.

Kitchen Space Matters

When choosing a microwave, consider the space you’ve got to put it in. If you’ve got a range, you may want to consider an over-the-range microwave, a microwave with an exhaust fan or a microwave range hood. If you’ve got limited space, there are also small microwave options that are perfect for tiny areas. If you’re short on counter space, you can purchase an under-the-counter microwave to keep your counter clear or consider a microwave drawer if you’re really short on space. 

Add an Air Fryer Microwave

With built-in air fryer technology, you can both microwave and air fry with one simple appliance. Crispy chicken wings, fried dill pickles, hard-boiled eggs and more are just a touch away when you purchase a microwave with an air fryer built in. 

No matter what your microwave needs are, you’ll find the right one – including all of the features you want and love – at The Home Depot Canada.