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Spray Paint

Spray Paint Accessories

Get the right accessories for your spray painting project so you don't stain flooring, furniture or fingers. Remember to wear a mask.

Choose the Right Spray Paint for Your Project

Whether you’re doing a fun DIY project, covering rust on your vehicle or refreshing old furniture, make sure you’re using the right spray paint for the job. Take into account what you are aiming to accomplish and what you need from your spray paint. If you’re updating patio furniture, you’ll need either spray paint for metal or spray paint for plastic. If you’re touching up your vehicle, you’ll need car spray paint or rust spray paint. If you’re doing a DIY project, you’ll need furniture spray paint or spray paint for glass. There are a lot of options and The Home Depot Canada can help ensure you get what you need.

Pick a Spray Paint Colour or Finish

This is an important part of buying the right spray paint for your needs. There are so many spray paint colours and finishes to choose from. Chalk spray paint is popular for DIY projects, chrome spray paint is often used with metal, textured spray paint can add some visual interest and brass spray paint can turn old décor to modern décor. There are also fun options like glow in the dark spray paint and glitter spray paint that kids would love. The Home Depot Canada has a wide variety of spray paint colours and finishes for whatever project you’re working on. 

Get Ready for Your Spray Paint Project

The Home Depot Canada carries a wide variety of spray paint, largely varieties of Rust-Oleum spray paint and Tremclad spray paint. Once you have your colour or finish picked out, you must decide on the type of spray paint you need. Acrylic spray paint is one of the more popular choices. However, you can also get primer spray paint for heavy-duty jobs and epoxy spray paint to add a nice, shiny finish. Next, you need to determine if you need a spray paint with a specific feature. Vehicle projects might require a high heat spray paint. Outdoor projects will require a waterproof spray paint. Once you’ve covered all your bases, you will be able to purchase the right spray paint and get started on your project. 

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