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The Home Depot Collections


Fresnel Collection

$190 - $480

Based in both form and function, the Fresnel Collection features a Fresnel glass lens and with pendants available, they can be hung individually or in groups, creating a great look for any room.    

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Briarwood Collection

$60 - $330

This collection features farmhouse inspired patterns and designs, with simple geometric forms. Oak frames antique lightbulbs, featuring metals like antique bronze to give you a rustic yet modern look.

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Barnes Mill Collection

Barnes Mill Collection

$50 - $290

Rustic and vintage décor can transform your home into a nostalgic retreat reminiscent of rural farmhouses. Exposed iron details and a faux-painted wooden planks support artful, clear-seeded glass shades. Combine with vintage-style light bulbs to create a romantic focal point for any room.    

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