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Trimmers & Edgers

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Choose between gas, cordless and electric trimmer tools to get the job done. 

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Power your trimmer or edger with a variety of battery brands.

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Team Up Your Trimmer & Edger to Get the Job Done 

If you want to add landscaping to your yard, investing in a grass trimmer and garden edger is a great start. Together, these garden tools can make and maintain neat edges around gardens, pathways, patios and driveways. A lawn edger creates the boundaries, while a grass trimmer or weed wacker will keep grass and weeds at bay, so your landscaping will always look its best. The Home Depot Canada carries a variety of edgers and trimmers so you can find the right tool for your needs.

Gas, Cordless & Electric Trimmers & Edgers

Both tools come in gas, cordless and electric options. You can move around your yard with ease using cordless gas trimmers or electric trimmers and edger tools. Electric options are powered by a battery that can easily be recharged and reused for years, while the other option requires the purchase of gas. Electric is a great option for smaller yards, while gas is more powerful and therefore better suited for larger yards.

Manicure Your Yard with Garden Edgers

Whether you have a small or large yard with minimal landscaping or a lot of landscaping, the easiest way  to keep your yard looking its best is to tame unruly edges around flower beds, sidewalks and your driveway. A quality garden edger will create clean edges to increase curb appeal and create an aesthetically-pleasing yard. Choose a lawn edger with a flat, rectangular blade with plain edges for a basic edging job where your lawn is level with a sidewalk or driveway. Choose an edger with a flat, rectangular blade with scoop-cut edges to handle more delicate areas like garden beds and on uneven surfaces. Choose a star-shaped blade for lawn that ends at a wall or sturdy fence.