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Air Tools and Compressors Buying Guide

Air tools and compressors make a day full of tough tasks easier. Their true power lies in their ability to complete large projects in a shorter amount of time. They also help improve the quality of your work by providing a high-quality finish not all hand tools can deliver. With air tools and compressors, you can work faster with greater accuracy and less effort than ever before.

Air Tools make for Easy Work

The Home Depot Canada has air tools and compressors that will make your next project a breeze. By giving you the extra air power you need to push through those painting, nailing or washing jobs that you either have been putting off or are just starting, we have the tools you need to get the job done right. By using air, there is a greater power-to-weight ratio, allowing you to get maximum power out of smaller-sized tools.

Air Compressors

Air compressors help you complete your tasks in a variety of ways. Hook up a paint sprayer to help you get a nice even finish on a large flat surface or to access those hard to reach areas in your home such as roofs or awnings. Attach an air pump and you can use your compressor to fill the tires on your bike or car with ease. You can even use them with airbrushes! Air compressors can help save you time and effort on a variety of jobs around the home.

Brad Nailers and Framing Nailers

Are you working on a big woodworking or carpentry project? Chances are you’ll need to use a lot of nails, and there’s no better way to attach large areas than with an air-powered brad nailer. Shoot multiple nails rapidly, with ease and efficiency, as you harness the power of an air compressor to make short work of your nailing project. Using brad nails is helpful when gluing a large surface, as you can glue the areas together and then brad nail them for extra security and stability. They can act as another pair of hands, ad the nails are usually smaller and easier to remove if needed.