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For workshops, renovations and any other situations where a heavy duty vacuum cleaner is required, wet dry vacuums from The Home Depot Canada can get the job done. Built tough to handle both wet or dry cleanups, indoors or outdoors, wet dry vacuums are available in a range of models and sizes to suit your needs. Add the ability to choose from a range of wet dry vac attachments and filters and it’s clear that wet dry vacuums can handle just about anything you can throw at them.

What is a Wet & Dry Vacuum Used for?

Wet dry vacuums are often used in workshop settings to keep work areas clean from sawdust, drywall dust and other debris. They can also be used around the house, especially in basements and garages, to clean up after a renovation or even small spills.

Top Brands

Choose available wet dry vacuums from top name brands, including:

  • FEIN
  • FilterPower
  • Bosch
  • Milwaukee Tool

Whichever wet and dry vacuum or heavy duty vacuum you choose, all products available from The Home Depot Canada from these top brands and more are designed to deliver powerful, dependable performance.

Wet Dry Vac Features

The Home Depot Canada offers a wide selection of wet and dry vacuums, each with a range of available features to match your needs. All can be used for dry cleanups or as a wet vac to take care of wet cleanups and spills. Large wet dry vacuums are available with capacities as large as 60 litres, which means they take longer to fill and can handle larger cleanups. Other wet and dry vacuums come with a storage caddy for your accessories and attachments. With peak power ratings as high as 7 horsepower, some heavy duty vacuum cleaners can also be reconfigured to function as a blower to blast away leaves, dust and debris.

Wet Dry Vac Filters, Bags & Accessories

Most wet dry vacuums available from The Home Depot Canada come fully equipped. Dozens of attachments and essential parts – hoses, extension wands, filters, bags and nozzle attachments – come packaged with your purchase, ensuring out-of-the-box wet vac or dry vac versatility and ease of use with your new wet and dry vacuum. Should you need additional wet dry vac accessories, The Home Depot Canada has you covered with dozens of available products for wet dry vacuums such as car, garage and gutter care kits. Other assorted wet dry vac nozzles and extension sets are also available. Replacement bags and filters, rated for a full range of wet vac and dry vac applications, are available for all wet dry vacuums sold at The Home Depot Canada.