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Eco Options.

The Eco Options program can help you make better choices to reduce your impact on the environment.

The Eco Options program can help you make better choices to reduce your impact on the environment.

When browsing our products, be sure to look for the Eco Options filter to see qualifying products.

Lifeproof is leading the way to a cleaner vinyl flooring industry

Vinyl flooring is known for its great looks, easy maintenance and durability. In recent years the popularity of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has exploded, making it the go-to choice for flooring. The Home Depot Canada’s brand of Lifeproof vinyl flooring is manufactured in partnership with HMTX Industries. 


As a global leader in sustainable practices, HMTX sets industry standards for quality, performance, and superior product design. They manufacture vinyl products in accordance with The Home Depot Canada specifications. Their manufacturing processes, workplaces and product ingredients reflect a significant dedication to sustainability, transparency, and societal impact. 


The Home Depot Canada and HMTX sharing sustainability goals

The Home Depot Canada’s sustainability goals are essential to HMTX’s journey to provide a more sustainable LVT and, as a result, provide a greater community benefit. The team at HMTX answered the need to invest in a healthy ecosystem, and we are doing our part to educate, motivate and encourage others to do the same. 

When The Home Depot decided to eliminate phthalates, a group of chemicals used to make plastics more durable, from its LVT portfolio, HMTX joined us in leading the change. The commitment to phthalate-free LVT products by The Home Depot and HMTX was a spark for change throughout the industry, raising the bar for other companies to make safer LVT for consumers’ homes.

Sustainability, however, goes beyond transparency and chemical management. HMTX believes sustainability requires leadership, raising industry standards for chemical safety, social justice and environmental responsibility.


Alongside efforts to manufacture the most environmentally friendly LVT in the market, the timeline demonstrates HMTX’s commitment to sustainability in its products and processes. LVT is synonymous with high-performance and durable flooring for residential and commercial applications and HMTX aims to prove that greener chemistry does not have to come at the cost of product performance. 

HMTX is leading the industry in creating more sustainable LVT without sacrificing durability. Demonstrated by their pursuit to minimize waste in manufacturing. In fact, all scrap material created during HMTX manufacturing is recycled and repurposed as raw material for flooring. In addition to manufacturing scrap material, all water is recycled throughout the manufacturing process and recycled materials are used in product packaging.

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