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Yard to You

Yard to You - Bulk Landscaping

How it Works

Tired of making multiple trips to a store, and carrying heavy bags of soil, mulch and rock to your lot?

Yard To You is a unique Home Depot delivery program that brings bulk quantities of lawn and garden product right to your home or project site.

Getting started is easy. Select your product and amount, and order it online or in- store. Within 24 – 72 hours, a Home Depot certified vendor will contact you to schedule the mulch or garden soil delivery.

Don’t worry about being home for the delivery. Your product will be delivered curbside unless you indicate otherwise during the delivery set-up.

If applicable, please choose a location that we can easily access. Our forklifts have a 10-foot span and require relatively level and stable ground to transport your bag. Once dropped off, our bags of mulch, gravel or topsoil are industrially sealed to prevent moisture or air from seeping in.

4 Easy Steps

How Much Do You Need?

Garden soil, mulch and gravel are generally applied at a 3-inch depth. For every square foot you want to cover, you’ll require ¼ cubic foot of product. Use the calculation guidelines to help determine how much you’ll need.

Home Depot Top Soil Bag

1 bag = 1 cubic yard = 103 sq. ft.

How Much Do You Need?