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Exterior Vent Replacement Services

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All figures based on 2023 Canada-wide averages.

Hire Exterior Vent Replacement Pros for Foundation Vent, Wall Vent, and Dryer Vent Replacement Services

If you’re experiencing damp air, noisy vents, bad smells, or especially moisture buildup in any of your home’s exterior vents, connect with our Pros for quick and efficient exterior vent replacement services.

What Do Exterior Vent Replacement Services Include?

For exterior vent replacement services, our experienced Pros can take care of all types of vents on the outside of your house that you want to get replaced – and they are dedicated to doing it right.

Wall Vent Replacement Services:

Our Pros are qualified and experienced in detecting ventilation defects whether it’s rooted in bathrooms, kitchens, utility rooms, etc. and can skillfully replace depending on specific requirements.


Foundation Vent Replacement Services:

Foundation vent replacement is done in the foundation walls with crawl spaces where there’s a higher chance of moisture and mould buildup. Our Local HVAC vent installation Pros help you with your basement ventilation by installing or offering a new foundation vent replacement altogether.

Dryer Vent Replacement Services: Dryer vents require the most attention as many fire hazards in Canada happen as a result of unmaintained dryer vents. Hire our certified Local Pros if you think you’re experiencing problems with your dryer vent.

With Our Exterior Vent Replacement Services, You Get:

 Professional Installation: Our Pros are guided by their own expertise and years of experience to provide timely recommendations and deliver exterior vent replacement services for you.
 Job Done Right: Our Pros are proficient, skilled and most importantly, trained to replace all types of vents outside the house. They know how to get each vent installed/replaced properly in the first go.

 Expert and Honest Advice: If you are not sure about what’s wrong with your exterior vents or need help deciding where the problem lies, our vent replacement handiwork Pros can help you out.

How to Get Exterior Vent Replacement Done By a Local Pro

Need some professional advice? Consult a Local Pro.

1 Complete Your Request Form

  • Enter your contact information and tell us more details about the job you’d like done.                                                                                                                                                                              

2 View Pros in Your Area

  • After submitting a request, you will be contacted by up to three Local Pros based on your job request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability, and obtain a quote.

3 Select A Local Pro and Schedule Repair

  • Once you’ve decided on the Pro you want - hire the Local Pro that fulfills your criteria.                                                                                                                    

4 Get Your Job Completed

  • After the job is complete, leave a review to share your experience of how it went, and help fortify our network of great Local Pros.

Why Choose Local Pros

Hire From A Network of Pros

Hire From A Network of Pros

Hiring from our network ensures you get your job done by the best of the best, no matter who you end up choosing.

Background Checked

Background Checked

All Local Pros are independently background checked - licensed and experienced for the job.

Rated and Reviewed

Rated and Reviewed

All Local Pros are trusted professionals who are rated and reviewed by homeowners like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Questions

Product questions:

Local Pro Questions

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Connect with Local Pros for Professional Exterior Vent Replacement Services

All our exterior vent replacement contractors available through Local Pro are licensed and will professionally handle the job they have been assigned. They will carefully inspect, analyze the work area, give you expert advice and suggestions about the problems and deliver a satisfactory exterior vent replacement/installation/repair service. Connect with our certified Local Pros today for matters related to exterior vent replacement.

Qualified Pros to Replace All Types of Vents Outside Your Home

Our licensed Local Pros have hands on experience with different types of exterior vents and are committed to your comfort and satisfaction. Once you request for the quote, expect some of our experts to reach out to you depending on your exterior vent replacement requirements. With proper communication and dedicated experts at your disposal, you’ll be offered proper and satisfactory exterior vent replacement services.