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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Renovating a dated bathroom is a project on a lot of homeowner’s to-do lists, but replacing old tiles, faucets and tubs can seem like a daunting task. We’ll help you navigate the process by showing you the before and after of a real bathroom renovation, to help you get inspired and motivated to get started on your own bath reno.

Before the Bathroom Renovation

Let’s look at the before. This bathroom – while technically sound – featured an older sink, a whirlpool tub with a stained skirt that didn’t match and dated floor tiles. The toilet was in great condition, however, so keeping it was a priority.

The renovation consisted of several DIY projects including replacing the whirlpool tub with an alcove model; replacing the floor tile, shower tile and repainting the trim and ceiling. 

The faucets, vanity and mirror all needed to be upgraded, which meant removing the old ones – including detaching any plumbing and electrical. If you’re unsure about how to do these, it’s best to contact a Home Depot professional.
to do it for you, as serious injury or damage to your home can be cause by doing them incorrectly.

Finally, new handles, curtains and artwork were added to create a brand-new look and feel.

After the Bathroom Renovation

Now let’s look at the after. This new French-style bathroom is defined by tile and panelling. Everything in these images was purchased at The Home Depot Canada, which shows you that you can get a high-end look for a price that fits your budget.  

New bold floor tiles create a stunning visual element and the rug is a soft, stain-resistant selection that helps mute the bold floors and keep your feet comfy while standing at the sink. The shower tile is a simple, white subway pattern with a grey-toned grout to help it pop against the simple skirted tub.

The subway tile also extends to the vanity side of the room, where the original vanity has been replaced with a new white French-style vanity with trendy gold hardware, marble top and lots of storage. The room is also now a light blue colour, which is made even lighter by the loads of natural sunlight that brightens everything considerably.

The room is accessorized with glass shelving, roman blinds and a ticking stripe shower curtain to finish the look.

There’s no time like the present to start your bathroom remodel, and you can find everything you need, including expert products and advice, at The Home Depot Canada.    

This article was published in partnership with Rambling Renovators.

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