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Installing a Pop-Up Drain

  1. Step 1 Apply Plumber’s Putty to Bottom of Flange

    Person holding drain plug.

    If the sink is not supported with a cabinet, use a 2×4 to support it while you're working. Cover the bottom of the drain flange with a rope of putty and set aside within easy reach.

  2. Step 2 Thread the Locknut Onto the Drain Body

    Person threading the locknut onto the drain body.

    Add the friction washer and beveled gasket.

  3. Step 3 Install the Drain Body

    Person fixing a sink.

    Push the drain body up through the lavatory hole from underneath. Insert the drain flange into the hole from above, and screw it onto the drain body.

  4. Step 4 Tighten the Locknut

    Person tightening locknut.

    Hold the drain body still while you tighten the locknut, first by hand and then with water-pump pliers.

  5. Step 5 Turn the Drain Body to the Rear

    Person turning the drain body.

    This will line it up with the pop-up linkage. Apply silicone caulk at the drain and Teflon tape at the extension piece to seal the drain tube. Inside the sink, remove any excess putty with a plastic putty knife.

  6. Step 6 Install the Drain Plunger

    Person installing drain plunger.

    Slide the plunger into the drain opening.

  7. Step 7 Insert the Ball Into the Opening

    Person inserting ball into opening.

    The ball should fit snugly into the opening in the drain tailpiece.

  8. Step 8 Thread the Ball Nut Hand-Tight

    Person threading the ball nut hand-tight.

    Slide the ball nut over the arm and screw it onto the threads of the drain tailpiece.

  9. Step 9 Set the Pop-Up Arm

    Person setting the pop-up arm.

    Slide the arm through the nearest hole in the lever strap and fasten it with a clip. Connect the P-trap. Test the pop-up drain. Adjust the arm if necessary.



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