Deck Design & Inspiration

From composite to cedar, discover a look you’ll love for years to come.


Pressure-treated wood is among the most popular and cost effective options for decking. Its versatile material allows for bending and cutting in order to accommodate various designs. Pressure-treated wood also has a limited lifetime warranty.


Cedar wood is a premium decking material, known for its gorgeous grain texture and rustic appeal. It is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage, making it a reliable choice for the outdoors.


Composite decking is an exceptionally durable decking material that resembles wood, but does not require painting or staining. It’s the perfect deck to walk barefoot in the summer, as it will not crack, splinter, or rot. Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Railings are an excellent way to personalize your deck, and our innovative technologies help to build them quickly and efficiently. Railing materials range from classic wood (pressure-treated and cedar), to composite, aluminum, metals, and even glass. Railings can also be retrofitted with unique add-ons such as LED lights.

Fencing and Gates

Fencing brings privacy, security, and design to every backyard. Fencing materials include classic wood (pressure-treated and cedar), composites, and metals. Other unique designs include stone facing and wood/metal combinations for a premium look. It’s important to choose materials that are wind, temperature, fade, and satin resistant. 10-25 year limited lifetime warranties available.

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