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Copper Pipe DIY Planter

Think outside the pot with this easy DIY project. Create an eye-catching new home for succulents using copper pipe and epoxy.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Gather Materials

    Gather Materials

    Gather materials.

  2. Step 2 Glue Pipes Together

    Glue Pipes Together

    Wearing protective gloves, prepare the epoxy following the manufacturer’s instructions. Before it sets, apply a small amount of epoxy to one end of a 2” long copper pipe fitting and secure it to one end of another 2” fitting to create the body of one of the tall planters. Repeat to create a second. Making sure the edges are flush, set the joined pipes down on a protected surface and allow them to dry for at least 30 minutes before handling.

  3. Step 3 Glue on Caps

    Glue on Caps

    Apply a small amount of epoxy to the rim of one end of the remaining 2” long fitting, and secure it to the rim of one of the caps to create the short planter. Then, apply a small amount of epoxy to one end of both of the tall planters, and secure a cap onto each. Making sure all the edges are flush, set the glued planters on a protected surface to dry for another 30 minutes.

    Optional – Once your planters have fully dried, give them some extra shine by buffing the outsides lightly with copper or metal polish.

  4. Step 4 Add Gravel

    Add Gravel

    Fill the bottoms of your planters with 1-2” of small-pebbled gravel.

  5. Step 5 Add Potting Mix

    Add Potting Mix

    Add enough cactus potting soil to fill the rest of the planters, leaving enough space to plant the succulent’s roots.

  6. Step 6 Plant Succulents

    Plant Succulents

    Carefully transplant the succulents into the finished planters, being sure all roots are covered with soil. 

  7. Step 7 Enjoy


    Place your new planters where the succulents will receive plenty of bright, indirect light and enjoy!

What You Need for This Project

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