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DIY Entryway Bench

This DIY entryway bench uses the space in your home efficiently, with extra storage space underneath for outerwear and accessories (especially kids’) that would end up on your floor. The addition of washable cushions means that even a mudroom can be comfy.

Skill Level: Intermediate
  1. Step 1 Gather Your Materials

    Gather Your Materials

    Anything you don’t already have on hand can be found at your local Home Depot. If you need assistance finding anything, a store associate will be happy to help you.

  2. Step 2 Cut & Sand Your Wood

    Cut & Sand Your Wood
    Cut & Sand Your Wood

    Measure and cut your SPF planks to fit the interior of the pine crates, so that they line the back and bottom faces of each crate. Then, sand down any rough edges of each piece.

  3. Step 3 Stain & Paint Your Wood

    person staining a piece of lumber
    person painting a piece of lumber

    Apply wood stain to all desired areas. By doing this first, you ensure all those hard-to-reach places get coverage. Allow 18-24 hours for the wood stain to dry completely.

    Any areas you wish to paint, make sure you do so after the wood stain has dried. We used BEHR’s Back to Nature S340-4 (their 2020 Colour of the Year) for our painted sections.

  4. Step 4 Assemble Bottom Layer

    Assemble Bottom Layer
    Assemble Bottom Layer

    Measure and drill where you will attach the legs to the bottom stair tread. If any of the threads are protruding from the wood, add washers underneath before using carpenter’s glue to fit the legs into place. Make sure the legs are even and level.

    Place a heavy weight onto the stair tread (legs down) and let the glue dry for at least an hour.

  5. Step 5 Assemble Middle Layer

    Assemble Middle Layer
    Assemble Middle Layer

    Line the inside of your crates with the cut SPF planks, using carpenter’s glue to attach them and weights or clamps to hold them in place until dry.

    Attach the crates to the lower stair tread using carpenter’s glue, adding weight and letting dry for at least an hour.

  6. Step 6 Assemble Upper Layer

    Assemble Upper Layer

    Finally, place the upper stair tread on top of the crates, measuring to align with the lower tread. Weigh this down and wait until dry.

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