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DIY Christmas Sign

A DIY wooden snowman sign is on the porch of a home between the front door and a planter.

Add a little fun and festivity to your front porch with this wooden DIY Christmas sign. We’ll show you how to cut, assemble and paint this fun Christmas porch sign in these easy to follow steps.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Measure and Cut the Body and Hat

    A man is measuring and marking a wooden board.
    A person is sawing a wooden board.

    From a sheet of plywood, measure and cut 1 x 5 feet for the DIY wooden snowman’s body. For the hat brim, measure and cut 3-1/2 x 19 inches. Remember to use the proper safety gear when cutting wood, including eye protection.

  2. Step 2 Draw and Cut out the Nose

    A man is drawing a nose for a DIY wooden snowman, in the shape of a carrot, on a wooden board.
    A jigsaw on a wooden board, next to the drawing of a snowman nose.

    Draw the shape of a nose onto the plywood board and cut it out using a jigsaw. You can cut a little larger and then sand the edges down to your drawn line to make it smooth if needed.

  3. Step 3 Glue on the Hat Brim and Nose

    A person is adding glue to a wooden board.
    Pieces of wood for a hat brim and for a snowman’s nose are glued on top of a wooden board, to form the DIY snowman Christmas sign.

    From the top of the snowman’s body, measure 12 inches down and glue on the hat brim.

    Then glue the nose on about 6-1/2 inches below the hat brim.

  4. Step 4 Paint the Body, Nose and Hat

    A person paints the snowman’s nose piece with an orange paint.
    A person paints the DIY Christmas snowman sign.

    It’s time to start painting your outdoor Christmas sign! In our example, we are using BEHR Marquee Exterior Paint and Primer in black, white, and orange.

    Paint the top of the body and hat brim black and leave to dry.

    Paint the rest of the body white and the nose orange and leave to dry.

    Paint on the eyes and mouth using fine artist brushes and leave to dry.

    Apply as many paint coats as needed until you obtain the desired look and feel. A minimum of two coats is usually required for full coverage.

  5. Step 5 Decorate and Display your DIY Christmas Sign

    DIY Christmas sign in the shape of a snowman is on the front porch of a home.

    Use this Christmas sign idea as a starting point to decorate and customize your very own  DIY Christmas porch sign however you’d like – we have added a fun red scarf and festive plaid bow. Display your Christmas wood sign on your front porch or balcony, and you are done!

What You Need for This Project

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