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How to Make a Christmas Urn

A decorative Christmas urn is a wonderful way to create a welcoming entrance during the holidays. We'll show you an affordable way to DIY your very own Christmas urn filled with low-maintenance fresh greenery that takes less than an hour to complete and will add a festive touch to your front porch.    

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Christmas Urn Ideas


    First, gather all your materials and select an urn or planter that complements the exterior of your home. Follow the steps closely for a classic Christmas urn or get creative by looking for Christmas urn ideas and adding your own touches. Visit a Home Depot Garden Centre to source your greenery. 

  2. Step 2 Prepare the Urn Base

    Person putting urn base in pot

    Add a stone or brick to the bottom of the urn for stability. This also serves as a platform for your wet foam reservoir. Stuff crumpled up newspaper around the brick to prevent it from shifting.

  3. Step 3 Insert an Empty Flower Pot

    Person inserting an empty flower pot

    Fit an empty flower pot into the urn resting it on the top of the brick. 

  4. Step 4 Install a Foam Brick Reservoir

    Person installing foam brick reservoir

    Place a foam brick reservoir typically used in flower arrangements directly into the flower pot, cutting it to fit if necessary. Add water to keep your greenery from drying out. 

  5. Step 5 Arrange Pine and Cedar Boughs

    Person arranging pine and cedar boughs

    Place pine or cedar boughs by driving them into the foam brick. Sharpen the tips of the boughs with pruning shears or a blade on a good pair of scissors if necessary. Use red dogwood twigs or curly willow branches to build a focal point. 

  6. Step 6 Add Birch Wood for Structure or Height

    Person adding birch branched to urn

    Birch wood will give your urn structure and visual interest. By placing two posts on each side of the greenery, you'll also give your urn added height. 

  7. Step 7 Finish with Christmas Decorations

    Person inserting Christman decorations

    Add finishing touches to your Christmas urn that match your Christmas decorations and theme. Decorative bows and ornaments are a nice way to tie everything together. 

  8. Step 8 Use Multiple Urns

    Urns on a porch

    For more visual impact flank your front entrance by making two Christmas urns for your front porch. Urns can also be used to decorate hallways, pathways and outdoor areas. 

What You Need for This Project

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