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How Much Does it Cost to Install a Kitchen Countertop?

In Canada, the average cost to install countertops is $2,400 per job for a 28 square-foot countertop, tax excluded. Countertop prices include your new countertop plus labour and related materials, with edging (a choice of styles), cutouts for one sink and one faucet. Removal and disposal of your existing countertop components is available for an additional charge.

The average price of a new countertop is $85 per square foot per job, with a range from $23 to $116. The exact cost to install countertops will vary according to the type of material you choose (ranging from laminate to Dekton®), as well as the size and shape of your countertops plus related materials, including supply and installation of sink, faucet and backsplash, as well as the number of separate surfaces where new countertops are needed.

Countertop Installation Cost by Type

Type of Countertop

Key Qualities

Price Range (Per Square Foot)

Quartz Countertop (by Silestone®)

Manufactured stone product; highly durable and low-maintenance


$57 - $130

Natural Stone Countertop (Granite, Marble, Quartzite)

Luxurious and naturally strong


$51 - $114

Solid Surface Countertop (by Corian®)

Durable and affordable


$51 - $99

Laminate Countertop

Affordable and dependable

$14 - $20 (supply only)

$23 - $26 (installed)


Wood Countertop

Natural look; available in a range of stains/finishes or unfinished


$13 - $50


(Ultra-Compact Surface) Countertop

New engineered product; extremely durable and versatile


$81 - $149

Key Qualities Manufactured stone product; highly durable and low-maintenance

Price Range
(Per Square Foot)

$57 - $130


Key Qualities Luxurious and naturally strong

Price Range
(Per Square Foot)

$51 - $114


Key Qualities Durable and affordable

Price Range
(Per Square Foot)

$51 - $99


Key Qualities Affordable and dependable

Price Range
(Per Square Foot)

$14 - $20
(supply only)

$23 - $26 (installed)

Key Qualities Natural look; available in a range of stains/finishes or unfinished

Price Range
(Per Square Foot)

$13 - $50

Key Qualities New engineered product; extremely durable and versatile

Price Range
(Per Square Foot)

$81 - $149

All costs based on Ontario pricing and exclude applicable taxes. Costs shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not apply to all situations. All prices and price ranges represent average countertop material costs and price ranges per square foot. All prices as depicted are for countertops installation (unless otherwise specified) and include labour, as well as all additional products or materials required for installation.

Kitchen countertop prices vary greatly depending on the type of countertop material you choose and will largely determine the overall cost to install countertops. The product options and countertop prices shown above are a representative sample of what’s available for your countertop installation project.

How to Order Your New Kitchen Countertop Installation

1 Schedule Your In-Home Measure

  • Before the installation can take place, the installer needs to visit your home to get accurate measurements of your work area
  • Your installer will contact you before your measure to ask about your countertop choice, and to also collect a small deposit which will be applied to the cost of your countertop

2 In-Home Measure

  • The installer will assess your work area and bring countertop samples to finalize your countertop selection
  • They will provide you a customized project quote, discuss financing options (if needed) and book your installation date

3 Installation

  • Once your project is completed, your installer will clean up the work area and perform a final inspection with you to ensure your satisfaction

How to Choose Between Types of Countertop Materials

Whether it’s a quartz countertop, granite countertop, laminate countertop or otherwise, choosing your countertop material and style will depend on several considerations. You will need to think about how your choice will meet the unique needs of your kitchen and home, your design and material preferences, as well as your budget.

When considering new kitchen countertop options, think about which material is right for your project. Do you need a surface that is non-porous and stain resistant to guard against spills? Looking at kitchen countertop prices, which options will your budget allow? Do you prefer the look of natural stone or wood? Are engineered or synthetic materials a better fit for your project? Here are some things you need to consider about your material options.

Quartz Countertops (by Silestone®)

Quartz is an engineered stone material comprised of 90% natural quartz and other raw materials that are extraordinarily hard and resilient. Quartz countertop products from The Home Depot are enhanced with N-BOOST technology, which facilitates cleaning, maintenance and brightness.


  • Solid and non-porous, quartz is a low-maintenance product whose characteristics combine to create an ideal surface for kitchen countertops and bathrooms.
  • A limited lifetime residential warranty is available exclusively to Home Depot customers


  • While quartz is a strong and durable material, it is sometimes less heat-resistant than some other natural and engineered stone options
  • Depending on the style chosen, quartz countertops cost can be slightly higher than some natural stone alternatives

Natural Stone Countertops (Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Soapstone)

Natural stone offers a beautiful and timeless look, combining exceptional durability with the uniquely fashionable appeal of its natural elements. Since natural stone covers a larger umbrella of stone types, it is important to understand the unique qualities of each in order to ensure the material being selected meets the demands of your home. 


  • Granite, marble, soapstone and quartzite countertop options are all highly durable and offer superior scratch & heat resistance, making it easier to keep clean
  • All natural stone countertops from The Home Depot are treated using a unique sealing process that offers stain resistance for as long as 15 years


  • Depending on the type of material or the particular slab chosen, sometimes quartzite, marble and granite countertops cost more than synthetic or engineered countertop alternatives

Solid Surface Countertops (by Corian®)

Solid Surface by Corian® is a man-made material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate (ATH). It’s an advanced composite product that offers a nonporous and homogeneous palette. Solid Surface is available in a vast range of colours and style patterns that can mimic natural stone or offer a stylish appearance all its own.


  • Solid surface countertops offer a seamless appearance and are easy to repair. As well, the availability of integrated sinks differentiates solid surface countertops from the other options
  • A 15-year transferrable warranty for all Solid Surface countertop installations is available exclusively to Home Depot customers


  • Some customers may prefer the look and/or feel of natural or engineered stone countertop options

Laminate Countertop

An affordable and durable surface that is easy to clean and has the widest variety of colours, patterns and designs.  Laminate is available installed but is also one of the more DIY-friendly countertop products. 


  • Laminate countertops cost less than quartz and natural stone options. They are easy to install and are available in a wide range of colours and styles
  • Comes with a one-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects


  • Some customers may prefer the premium look and feel of some of the other countertop material options

Wood Countertop

Sometimes called “butcher block” countertops, wood countertops create warm and inviting spaces in any room.  Whether being used in a kitchen, bathroom, garage work table, desk or craft table – wood countertops are available in the size, style and species to meet the needs of any project.  Products are available both unfinished and with a stain/finish that is desirable to your overall look.


  • Few materials can substitute for the natural, rustic look and feel of real wood countertops


  • As a natural material, wood countertops require regular maintenance and upkeep to guard against staining and other damage

Dekton® (Ultra-Compact Surface) Countertops

Dekton® is made from a unique blend of raw materials used to make quartz, glass, and porcelain countertops through a unique fabrication process called Sinterized Particle Technology. 


  • Dekton’s versatile design and unique manufacturing process allows for a wide range of colour and style options 
  • All Dekton surfaces installed by The Home Depot come with a 25-year warranty


  • Dekton may carry a higher price tag than similarly fashionable and durable countertop material options such as quartz or natural stone

Key Items to Consider for Your Countertop Installation Project

The following items are essential components of a kitchen countertop installation and should be factored into the overall cost to install countertops.


Your countertop installation project cost will include a cutout for a sink; however, it will not include the price to purchase and install a new sink, which will vary according to considerations such as brand, material, gauge, type and size. If you choose a stone surface with undermount sink, finishing the edges on the cutout can be purchased for an additional charge of $175-$275 each. From single- or double-basin sinks, affordable and easy-to-install drop-in sinks and undermount basins that the countertop is fitted to match, there are countless options to meet your needs and preferences. Ask your installer for more information and a cost estimate to include a new sink installed with your new countertop.

Faucet and/or Soap Dispenser

As with your sink, the Installer will include a cutout for a faucet in the cost of your countertop installation project, but purchase and installation of a new faucet will need to be arranged separately. Faucet prices will of course vary and need to be factored into your overall project cost. Available in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, with a host of convenient features, a new faucet can be the centrepiece of your new kitchen countertop. You may also want to consider purchasing a matching soap dispenser to be installed directly into your new countertop.

Cooktop Cutout

In some cases, installing new kitchen countertops is an opportunity to consider whether you want a cutout for a built-in cooktop. These appliances would need to be purchased and installed separately from your countertop installation. Ask your installer about how a built-in cooktop can be included as part of your project and how it will affect your kitchen countertop cost.

Average cost per cutout: $125-$150 (appliance plus installation not included)

Countertop Edges

How do you want the edges of your countertops to be finished? You have a number of options – from a slightly bevelled corner to take out the sharpness, to a more rounded “bullnose” or double-radius, or an “ogee” pattern that gives your countertop an upscale appearance.

Cost: Multiple options available free of charge. Ask your local store for other options if preferred (additional charges may apply)

Countertop Corner Treatments

In some cases, you may want to soften your countertop corners rather than having straight 90-degree angles everywhere. Adding corner treatments can lend a more natural and fluid appearance to your new kitchen countertops.

Cost of upgrade: Included in base price (if under 3/4”); $35 to $100 each (if over 3/4”)


Choosing a new backsplash is almost as big a decision as choosing the countertop itself. You’ll need to consider material, style and colour and verify that your choice matches the surrounding countertops and cabinetry. Different backsplash options come with their own benefits and drawbacks to consider.

Approximate price range for supply & install: $23.50 to $175 per linear foot (up to 4” backsplash); $23.50 to $175 per square foot if over 4”

10 Factors That Affect Countertop Installation Cost

Type of Materials

From affordable laminate to state-of-the-art Dekton™, natural and manufactured stone options, the type of countertop material you choose will be the main determinant of countertop prices and your overall project cost.

Square Footage

Kitchen countertop prices are calculated by surface area, with each material varying in price per square foot. Installations requiring larger countertops and/or multiple surfaces will inevitably carry a higher price tag.

Colour and Style

Depending on the countertop material you choose, you may need to pay a premium for some of the available colours and styles.

Countertop Cutouts

Most kitchen countertops are custom fitted and manufactured with a single cutout for a sink. In some cases, however, multiple cutouts will be necessary if your kitchen will have more than one sink or a built-in cooktop.


Your countertop installation is a good opportunity to replace and/or upgrade your faucets. A full range of products are available to you and should be factored into the overall cost to install countertops.

Water Connection

Replacing your sink and faucet will require the installer to bring in a licensed plumber to shut off your kitchen’s water supply prior to work and reconnect it afterward. This service will be added to your kitchen countertop cost. Ask your installer to confirm availability of this service in your area.

Electrical Outlets

Your countertop installation project may require the installation of new electrical outlets and fixtures, either directly into your new countertop or backsplash. This work will require you to hire a licensed electrician separately, but where applicable, should be factored into your kitchen countertop cost.


The cost to install countertops will include the labour of a skilled Home Depot Installer. Larger or more complicated countertop replacement projects may take longer to complete and carry a higher labour cost.

Your Location

Access to materials and labour may vary from one location to the next and affect countertop prices. This will be factored into your overall kitchen countertop cost.


All replacement countertop installation projects from The Home Depot Home Services come with a 1-year parts and labour warranty, while additional product warranties, ranging from 10 years to lifetime coverage, are available depending on the countertop material you choose. Please ask your installer for more details.

Can I Save Money by Installing My Own Countertops?

While you may be able to save on the cost of a new countertop by purchasing materials from a Home Depot store and installing them yourself, hiring a Home Depot Installer for your countertop installation opens you up to a much wider range of material and style options at a range of kitchen countertop prices to suit your needs and budget.

As well, remember that the cost to install countertops professionally by The Home Depot Home Services offers you not only the expertise and high service standards of our experienced installers, but also a one-year parts and labour warranty that’s included in all of our countertop replacement and installation packages.

Please also note that, depending on the material you choose for your new countertops, professional installation may be your only suitable option to get both the product and the results you need for your home.

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