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Kitchen Storage & Organization Ideas

For any sized kitchen, maximizing space and efficiency, and combining utility and style can be a big challenge. In this guide, we present a list of kitchen organization ideas that will help you stow things like a pro, organize your pantry like a storefront, and get your spices all in a row. We present small kitchen storage ideas for little kitchens and tips and tricks for larger kitchens to create a space perfect for cooking and entertaining guests.

Pantry Storage and Organization Ideas

The kitchen pantry is often prone to clutter and disorganization, especially when it comes to dealing with small pantry organization. Employ the golden rule of making sure that you can see everything that’s inside your pantry. Read up on our pantry ideas and small kitchen organization ideas and make finding ingredients for meals a seamless experience.

Organized pantry with double french doors

Choose the Best Pantry Shelving for Your Needs

Thanks to a variety of shelving options, you can design your pantry according to unlimited pantry organization ideas. While modular wire shelves are considered the most versatile and can be easily cleaned and customized, steel racking is ideal for accommodating different heights.

On the other hand, sliding shelves are perfect for concealing items and for quickly grabbing what you need, when you need it.

Kitchen pantry with a variety of built-in and standalone shelving

Use Baskets, Bins and Canisters to Keep Everything in its Place

After you’ve browsed some pantry shelving ideas and decided what structure works for you, baskets, bins and canisters can keep the contents of your pantry organized.

Place dry goods inside airtight jars and canisters to maintain freshness, and use other kitchen organization ideas and hacks to maintain an orderly and beautiful pantry.

Plastic containers with labels storing dry food on shelves

Categorize and Label for Easy Access

In a well-stocked pantry, having bold, easy-to-read labels on each of your containers and bins helps you quickly identify what you need. Make it easy to know what you’re putting in and taking out by following this simple pantry storage idea.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas

It’s easy to neglect your kitchen cabinets, thanks to their contents being out of view. But messy drawers, overflowing cabinets and rummaging through cookware just adds to a chaotic kitchen. With these kitchen cabinet organization ideas, you can finally get your cabinets in order.

Neatly organized kitchen drawer

Use Drawer Organizers to Maximize Space

Dividing your drawer into separate sections using drawer organizers is a great way to keep cutlery, knives, and other knick-knacks separate from each other. This way, you aren’t just throwing everything into the drawer and hoping for the best. Cutlery trays and in-drawer knife organizers can do just the trick!

Lazy Susan in a kitchen corner cabinet

Use Lazy Susans to Make Items Visible and Easily Accessible

Installing a Lazy Susan in hard-to-reach places like a corner cabinet can make complete use of a space and make it easy to access pots and pans without having to reach in.

Pull-out organizer for baking sheets and cutting boards

Store Baking Sheets and Serving Plates Vertically

Stacking baking sheets, cutting boards, and serving plates on top of each other can make it impossible to grab what you need without causing an avalanche. Storing these items vertically with expandable or pull-out organizers can create an accessible system and save space.

Spice Rack Ideas

Spices are something that needs to be easily accessible when you’re cooking up a storm. Luckily, many creative spice storage ideas can keep your spices uniform and within arm’s reach.

Simple wall-mounted wire spice rack

Store Spices Vertically on a Wall-Mounted Rack

Free up counter space with a wall-mounted rack for your spices. Creating this extra storage dedicated to your spices allows them to be in clear view when in the kitchen.

Man reaching for spices on a spice rack mounted on the inside of a cabinet door

Mount the Spice Rack on a Cabinet Door

An interior cabinet-door spice rack is a more uncommon spice storage idea, but one that works if you want to conserve counter space and don’t have any spare walls.

Spice drawer insert in a pretty, bright kitchen

Use a Spice Drawer Insert

If you have spare drawers, a spice drawer insert can convert your drawer into an organized spice rack. Display your spices at an angle with clear labels for easy identification.

Kitchen Counter Organization Ideas

If you’re lacking counter space or having a hard time finding a designated space for all your items, these kitchen counter organization ideas are sure to help you out by giving you a spot for your items and letting you reclaim some of that much-needed area.

Minimalist white floating shelves with kitchen items on top

Keep the Counter Free with Shelves & Wall Organizers

Floating shelves and hanging fruit baskets are just two of the many trendy ways to organize your kitchen items without taking up counter space.

Magnetic knife racks can keep your knives in one place, towel bars can arrange utensils and rags, and creative pegboard walls can turn formerly messy kitchen space into a work of art.

Rustic two-tier tray system with mini containers and plants on top

Use Trays and Small Baskets to Group Items Together

Trays and baskets can be an aesthetically pleasing way to arrange similar items together. For example, items relating to teatime like sugar, coffee grounds, and tea leaves can be placed on a wooden tray – a neat way to keep things together and not have any stragglers.

Modern black kitchen island with wooden countertop

Add an Island or Kitchen Cart for Added Counter Space

A kitchen island can maximize storage and counter space – it can work as a standalone prep station for cooking. Or, if you’re working with limited space and want to save money, a kitchen cart can be a great way to hold kitchen essentials and keep them out of the way.

Under Sink Organization Ideas

It can get pretty disorganized under your sink, so be sure to add some space-saving organizational accessories to make your life easier. Pull out drawers, wire racks and small shelving can be a great place to house your dish soap, cleaning products and any other items you keep under your sink.

Cleaning supplies stored in under sink sliding pull-out drawers

Install Sliding Shelves or Drawers for Easy Access

The cabinet under the sink is often a complicated space to store things in. With a pipe blocking the centre of the cabinet and numerous cleaning supplies that are usually stored there, it can get messy.

Thankfully, there are drawers and sliding shelves specially made for these odd spaces that can make ample room for all your supplies.

Drawer with two pull-out bins

Use Pull-out Trash Cans to Save Space

Pull-out bins are an easy-to-integrate, simple solution for all your recycling and garbage needs. They are made to slide discreetly into a cabinet and keep your waste in its place! This allows you to make room for other under sink storage ideas.

Black cabinet door wire basket carrying soaps

Hang or Install a Cabinet Door Basket

When browsing for under sink storage ideas, you may not have considered utilizing over-the-door hangers and baskets. Floating cabinet shelves and simple over-cabinet storage baskets are great for storing frequently used items like sponges, rags, dish soap and more.

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