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DIY String Light Pole

  1. Step 1 Gather Materials

    Gather Materials.

    Gather all materials. Lay down cardboard or old sheets to protect your working surface. An outdoor working location is recommended.

  2. Step 2 Cut 2x2s to Desired Post Height

    Cut 2x2s to Desired Post Height.

    Decide how tall you want your posts to be. Using a ruler or measuring tape, mark this height on the 2x2s. Using a mitre saw, cut them to size. Sand the rough edges smooth.

  3. Step 3 Stain or Paint Poles

    Stain or Paint Poles.

    Lay the poles on a protected surface. Stain or paint the poles following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  4. Step 4 Let Dry

    Let Dry.

    Let the stained or painted poles dry in a well-ventilated location.

  5. Step 5 Mark & Cut Forming Tubes

    Mark & Cut Forming Tubes.

    On the forming tube, measure and mark the heights of your cement bases. Be sure to adjust the size of your bases according to the height you cut your poles. For 6 foot poles, bases should be at least 8 inches tall. Using a hand saw, carefully cut the forming tube around your marks.

  6. Step 6 Close-off One End of Each Tube

    Close-off One End of Each Tube.

    Trace one end of each one of the pole bases you cut onto a flat piece of cardboard. Cut out and tape each cardboard circle to one end of its coinciding tube to create the molds for your bases. Apply vegetable or motor oil to the inside of the tubes for lubrication.

  7. Step 7 Mix Concrete

    Mix Concrete.

    Using a shovel, add the concrete mix and water to a bucket using a ratio of 4-parts concrete to 1-part water. Thoroughly mix the concrete and water together until you achieve a uniform consistency similar to peanut butter. Add more water or concrete mix if necessary.

  8. Step 8 Fill Molds With Concrete

    Fill Molds With Concrete.

    Place each pole into the centre of its mold and fill the molds with the mixed concrete. Tap around the outsides of the mold as you go to get rid of air pockets. Smooth the surface of the cement once the mold is full.

  9. Step 9 Secure With Duct Tape

    Secure With Duct Tape.

    To ensure the poles remain centred while the concrete dries, secure them in place with duct tape.

  10. Step 10 Let Cure 48-hours

    Let Cure 48-hours.

    Allow the concrete to cure for at least 48 hours. Once it’s completely dry, use a utility knife to carefully cut and remove the cardboard tubes. Lightly sand the top and outsides of the bases smooth.

  11. Step 11 Add Hooks

    Add Hooks.

    Drill a small, shallow hole near the top of each pole and screw in the hooks.

  12. Step 12 Arrange Poles

    Arrange Poles.

    Arrange the poles around your patio dining table, the border of your backyard or anywhere you want to add ambiance.

  13. Step 13 Hang String Lights

    Hang String Lights.

    Hang the string lights from hook to hook. Plug them in and enjoy!

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