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DIY Pegboard & Pegboard Shelves

  1. Step 1 Choose Materials

    Choose Materials

    Gather all of your materials. We chose a 2.5’ by 6’ piece of MDF. We got it cut to size by a Home Depot associate.

  2. Step 2 Cut Your Dowels

    Cut Your Dowels

    We cut our dowels to 6” pieces. You can get these cut by a Home Depot associate.

  3. Step 3 Measure The Holes

    Measure The Holes
    Measure The Holes

    Measure the distance between the holes. We decided to space the holes 6” apart. Use 2” masking tape to create a grid based on these measurements.

  4. Step 4 Drill Holes

    Drill Holes
    Drill Holes

    Where the intersection of the tape meets, drill a hole using a 7/8” drill bit. We had 44 holes total. Try to keep them as straight as you can!

  5. Step 5 Paint Pegboard

    Paint Pegboard

    We chose to paint the pegboard, but keep the dowels their natural colour. This is where you can make it your own!

  6. Step 6 Hang The Pegboard

    Hang The Pegboard

    Using a French Cleat, you can easily attach your pegboard to a wall, holding up to 200lbs.

  7. Step 7 Add Dowels To Pegboard

    Add Dowels To Pegboard

    Twist the dowel into the pegboard. It should have a snug fit.

  8. Step 8 Place Shelves On Dowels

    Place Shelves On Dowels

    Place your shelves on dowels. These can also be cut by a Home Depot associate!

  9. Step 9 Accessorize


    Hang your favourite plants, towels, or kitchen and laundry essentials off the pegs.

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