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Laundry Room Storage & Organization Ideas

When it comes to laundry room organization, simple additions like shelving, cabinets, hanging racks and other accessories can be the difference between a mess and a beautiful, functional laundry space. We’ll give you some tips and tricks to create a laundry area that works for you.

White cabinets on the wall above a washer and dryer.

Use Cabinets to Make Use of Wall Space

Cabinets above your washer and dryer are a fantastic storage solution. They help keep things like your detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener and more out of sight, keeping your laundry room neat and tidy. They’re also a great way to keep children away from potentially harmful laundry items. If your machines sit side-by-side, they’re a great way to fill up empty wall space as well.

Floating or open shelving with accessories and plants above a washer and dryer.

Add Open Shelves for Easy Access

Open or floating shelving can also be a great way to create storage while keeping an open, airy look throughout your laundry room. They still help you keep items out of reach of children but aren’t as bulky as cabinets. You can also add style elements like plants or pictures to complete the look.

An ironing board, baskets and other laundry items are scattered throughout a laundry room.

Set Up a Laundry Sorting Station

A place to sort your laundry is important. Laundry baskets are the traditional go-to and allow you to sort and air out dirty laundry prior to washing. You could also go with other options like hanging-bag stations, which hold more laundry if you’ve got lots to do.

Clothing hangs from a rod installed above a washer and dryer.

Install a Hanging Rod

Sometimes you don’t want to throw certain items in the dryer. Installing a hanging rod can give you space to hang your damp items on hangers, while keeping them in the laundry area. Hooks and other mount options can also do the job, depending on they type of items. 

Small bins and baskets are displayed in a shelf in the laundry room.

Use Bins and Baskets to Organize Smaller Items

If you need a space for detergent or other items, consider shelving with small, pull-out bins or baskets. These will give you a bunch of separated areas to sort, store and display the things you need.

A door-mount drying rack with towels drying on it hangs from a door.

Install a Door or Wall-Mount Drying Rack to Save Space

Door- or wall-mounted drying racks easily fold away when not in use to help utilize your space more efficiently. They’re a good choice for laundry room organization in smaller laundry areas or areas where space is in short supply.

Laundry Room Storage Essentials

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