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How to Drill into Concrete

A person uses a hammer drill to drill into concrete.

Concrete drilling is easy if you use the right tools and techniques. We’ll show you how to drill concrete using a pencil, a tape measure and some tools and bits in this handy guide. Remember to use the appropriate safety gear including eye and ear protection while drilling concrete.

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Mark the Spot You Want to Drill

    A person uses a measuring tape to mark a spot on a concrete wall to drill into.

    First, grab your tape measure and use a pencil to mark your drilling spot on the wall. Be sure to check for pipes, ducts and any wiring before drilling and avoid them.

  2. Step 2 Prepare the Hammer Drill

    A person sets the depth stop on their hammer drill prior to drilling into a concrete wall.

    A hammer drill for concrete is your best option. Set the depth stop to ¼-inch longer than the depth you need for the hole. If your hammer drill doesn’t have a depth stop, you can use a piece of masking tape on the drill bit to show you where to stop.

    If you don’t own a hammer drill, don’t worry – you can easily rent one from your local Home Depot Canada store.


  3. Step 3 Start with a Guide Hole

    A person drills a guide hole into a concrete wall using a hammer drill.

    With your depth set, use a carbide masonry drill bit and drill into the concrete to create a guide hole. This is a hole that will guide your concrete screw into the wall while keeping it straight. Start at a low speed and press the bit into the wall, not too hard though, as you don’t want to break the bit. Be sure to back the bit out every so often and blow out any dust and debris. Once you’ve hit your desired depth, your guide hole is drilled and it’s time to drill your screws in.

  4. Step 4 Secure your Screws into the Concrete

    A person uses a hammer drill to drill into a concrete wall.

    Now you can attach whatever you need to your wall using concrete screws. If you find that your screws still aren’t catching, you can use a concrete anchor to ensure a tight fit.

What You Need for This Project

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