How Much Does It Cost to Install Doors?

Your door installation cost will depend on the type, number and location of the doors you purchase for installation, as well as any additional features you choose for each, plus hardware such as hinges and handles.

Exterior Doors

Home Depot Installers offer a full range of steel and fibreglass entry doors, from front entry doors to patio doors, in any style, whether single or double, sliding doors, french doors and more.

Interior Doors

For interior door installation, The Home Depot Home Services can connect you with a qualified Local Pro in your area to receive a full cost estimate for your project and hire an experienced professional to get the job done.

What Is the Average Cost to Install an Exterior Door?

The average front door cost is $2,500 (single door, excluding sidelight), with a range from $1,500, for the most basic and budget-friendly options, to over $5,000, for more upscale exterior doors. The exact exterior door installation cost will depend on the number, size and type of the doors you want installed, add-ons such as window inserts, sidelights and transom, as well as any parts and accessories required for the project.

In Ontario, the average cost to supply and install a new entry door is $4,500 for a project that includes a pre-hung, single fibreglass door, plus one window and one sidelight, tax excluded. All figures include labour and related materials such as casing along the interior side of the new door frame, as well as removal and disposal of your existing entry doors.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Patio Doors?

In Ontario, the average cost to supply and install a new patio door is $2,100 for a two-panel, pre-hung sliding door, tax excluded. All figures include labour and related materials such as casing along the interior side of the new frame, as well as removal and disposal of your existing french or sliding patio doors.

The average new patio door price is $2,100 per door, with a range from $1,700 to $4,000. Your exact patio door installation cost will depend on the number, size and type of the doors you want installed, as well as any parts and accessories required for the project.

Average Cost of Door Installation by Style

Whether it's front entry doors or patio doors, the exterior door replacement cost will depend largely on the types of doors you choose. The chart above provides a breakdown of cost for some of the most popular available exterior door options.

Type of Door

Features Included

Average Door Cost (Installed)

Price Range Per Door (Installed)

Front Entry Doors

Single entry door – primed only

Single pre-hung entry door system with primed slab (interior and exterior) and primed frame/jambs.


$1750 - $4,000 plus

Single entry door with one sidelight – exterior painted and interior primed


  • Single pre-hung entry door system with one sidelight.
  • Painted colour on the exterior of the door (slab and frame) and primed white interior (slab and frame).



$3,000 - $6,500 plus

Single entry door with two sidelights – painted exterior and interior with laminated jambs

  • Single pre-hung entry door system with two sidelights.
  • Painted colour on the exterior and interior of slab.
  • Laminated frame (jambs) to match paint.


$4,000 - $8,500 plus

Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors

Standard 5’ or 6’ sliding patio door. Installed to fit properly within your current opening.



$1,700 - $3,500

French doors/hinged patio doors

Standard 6’ door system to fit existing opening.


$2,900 - $4,500 plus

Front Entry Doors

Patio Doors

All costs based on Ontario pricing and exclude applicable taxes. Costs shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not apply to all situations. All prices and price ranges represent approximate door installation costs and price ranges for a single, pre-hung front entry door with one window and one sidelight, plus installation as well as the key features specified.

How to Order Your Front Entry Door and Patio Door Installation

1 Free In-Home Consultation

  • Book a free appointment with a Home Depot Design Consultant to discuss exterior door style options.
  • Final measurements will be taken in a second scheduled appointment and an estimate will be provided.
  • Please ensure you have purchased locksets and handle sets prior to installation.

2 Professional Installation

  • At a pre-scheduled time, the installer will deliver your new exterior doors and complete the installation.
  • They will remove and dispose of your existing exterior doors, then install the new ones.

2 Follow-Up Inspection

  • Upon completion, your installer will inspect your new doors and confirm that the project meets your approval.
  • They will haul away your old exterior doors for safe disposal.

How to Choose Between Types of Exterior Doors

The type, style or material of the exterior doors you choose will depend on several considerations, particularly the unique needs of your home as well as a range of practical and style options you have at your disposal.

When replacing your front entry or patio doors, consider where the door is going to go and what you'll need in that location. A side entry door, for instance, may require something different from a front door, just as you'll have several reasons to choose sliding patio doors over french doors (or vice versa).

Consider the following: are you getting new doors installed primarily for aesthetic purposes and to boost curb appeal? Or are you replacing your old, worn and/or outdated exterior doors with something new and more energy-efficient?

Choosing Your Exterior Door Types

Door Type



Average Cost Range (per Door)

Single entry door


  • Plenty of affordable options.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

A single doorway may not provide enough space for moving some large items such as furniture.

$2,200 - $4,000 plus

Double entry door

  • Great for curb appeal.
  • Convenient when moving larger items such as furniture.

Double entry doors are generally more expensive than single ones.

$3,900 - $6,500 plus

Sliding patio doors

  • Provides easy access in and out without door getting in the way.
  • Available double sliding doors offer additional accessibility.

Can be less secure than French doors (this can be remedied with additional security measures such as enhanced door locks or a stick).

$2,000  - $4,000 plus

French doors/hinged patio doors


  • Large windows allow lots of light.
  • Both doors open to allow a wide entranceway.
  • Adds extra style and elegance to your patio or deck.
  • Needs more space for doors to open.
  • Generally, more expensive than sliding doors.

$2,900 - $4,500 plus

All costs based on Ontario pricing and exclude applicable taxes. Costs shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not apply to all situations. Average cost ranges represent average exterior door replacement and installation costs and price ranges per exterior door installation. Prices depicted in chart above exclude installation and any additional exterior door components.

10 Factors That Affect Your Door Installation Cost

Number of Doors

Whether you’re choosing a single or double entry door, multiple exterior doors or just one, will affect the overall door installation cost.

Size of Doors

Choosing to install larger exterior doors may carry a higher cost than installing smaller ones.

Type of Doors

The types of exterior doors you choose, whether front doors, single or double doors, french doors or sliding doors, will help determine the overall exterior door installation cost.

Door Material

Choosing from fibreglass or steel for your front entry doors, or between vinyl or fibreglass for your patio doors, will affect your exterior door installation cost.


Upgrading your exterior doors with features such as sidelights and transoms will need to be factored into your front door prices and overall exterior door installation cost.

Glass Inserts

Your entry doors can be purchased with or without glass inserts. Doing so, as well as the size and style of the window glass you choose, will affect your entry door replacement cost.


Door handles and locks are purchased separately from your exterior doors. The products you choose should be factored into your overall exterior door installation cost.


Your door installation requires the labour of a skilled Home Depot Installer. Larger or more complicated door installation projects may take longer to complete and carry a higher labour cost.

Your Location

Door prices, as well as access to materials and labour, may vary from one location to the next and will be factored into your door installation cost estimate


All entry door and patio door installation projects from The Home Depot Home Services come with a one-year parts and labour warranty. Ask your Installer for additional extended warranty options

How Can I Customize My Entry Doors?

When choosing the right front entry door, there are a number of additional options that you'll want to consider to ensure your satisfaction and maximize the value of your exterior door installation project to your home. Each option will need to be factored into your door installation cost. Here's what you should know:


Glass inserts add a sense of style and class to your entry doors, but they're also a great way to brighten up your home's entranceway. The impact of windows on door prices will depend on the types you choose to add. Available in a full range of shapes, sizes and patterns, they can cover just a small portion of the door or nearly the whole thing, comprised of just a single pane or of multiple smaller ones. Often, the glass you choose becomes the stylistic centrepiece of your new exterior door.


One of the best ways to expand and augment your front entrance, whether you're installing single or double doors, is to purchase exterior doors with matching sidelights. Just a single sidelight, added to a single front entry door, gives your home a more welcoming appearance, a brighter front entrance and greater curb appeal. You may also consider expanding your entrance further by ordering matching sidelights on either side of your new door. Ask you installer about your sidelight options and how they will factor into your exterior door installation cost.


Another way to bring more light into your home's entranceway is by adding a transom above your exterior doors. Typically comprised of a single window panel, transoms are available in rectangular or semi-circular options and are designed to seamlessly match your new front entry doors. Ask your installer about the many options available and how it will affect your exterior door cost.

What Are My Options of Energy-Efficient Exterior Doors?

There are a wide variety of energy-efficient options available for your new exterior door installation. As this is a standard feature on most exterior door products, it does not need to be added to your door cost estimate.

ENERGY STAR®-Certified Exterior Doors and Features

Many new entry doors (with the notable exception of doors designed with interchangeable glass inserts) and french patio doors are built with a foam insulation core and carry the ENERGY STAR® certification.

A range of energy-efficient options are available for sliding patio doors as well. Look for doors with insulated vinyl frames and double- or triple-paned, low-E glass. Some sliding doors are even designed with built-in blinds, offering you both improved energy efficiency and light control.

Whether you're looking for front entry doors, french doors or sliding doors, a Home Depot installer can help you find energy efficient options that are right for your home.

Adding Insulation Around Your Door Frames

This is perhaps the most simple and cost-effective solution to reduce heat and cooling loss around your doorways. All door installations from The Home Depot Canada include an application of spray foam around the inside of your new door frames, at no additional charge, for added insulation.

What Is the Average Cost of a Door Installation By Material?

Choosing Between Fibreglass and Steel Entry Doors

All entry doors from Home Depot Installers are available in fibreglass or steel, each of which has its own unique qualities. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of each material when deciding which one will be right for your home.

Door Material



Average Door + Installation Cost*

Steel Entry Doors


  • Thick, heavy construction offers superior security.
  • Won’t crack.
  • Generally, a more affordable option.
  • Blocks out noise.
  • Steel can rust over time, is susceptible to dents and scratches.
  • Fewer style and colour options than fibreglass.
  • Absorbs heat, which can make steel doors hot or cold to the touch.



Fibreglass Entry Doors


  • Lasts longer than steel doors because they don’t rust.
  • Available in a wide range of styles and colours; unlike steel, can be painted to match the home.
  • Available faux-wood designs closely mimic the look and feel of real wooden doors.
  • Weatherproof and low-maintenance; won’t expand and contract with temperature changes.

While generally very durable and built to last, they can crack if hit hard; fortunately, cracks can usually be repaired without too much difficulty.


*Ontario pricing only. Average costs include installation and are based on one single entry door with one window and one sidelight.

How Much Does It Cost to Install New Interior Doors?

The Home Depot can connect you with an experienced Local Pro in your area to take care of your interior door installation projects.

Your interior door installation cost will depend on several factors, including the size, style, material and number of doors you want installed, whether you purchase the doors as slabs or pre-hung in a door frame, whether frames or casing will also be replaced, the kind of hardware (handles, hinges, locks, etc.) you purchase, and whether painting is included, plus the rate that your Local Pro charges for their services. We recommend that you reach out to more than one Local Pro to get a cost estimate that meets your satisfaction.

Let us help you find a Local Pro to get an interior door installation cost estimate - and start your project today.

How It Works

1 Need help with a project?

  • Let us know what help you need and when you need it done, and we’ll connect you with Local Pros for the job. Simply submit a request online or talk to one of our friendly store associates.

2 Compare Local Pros

  • You will be contacted by up to three Local Pros that are connected to you based on your job request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability and obtain a quote from those you choose to work with.

3 Complete Your Job

  • Hire the Local Pro that is right for you. After the project is complete, leave a review and let everyone know how it went. 

Can I Save Money by Installing My Own Doors?

It is possible for you to save some money on your exterior door installation cost by purchasing high-quality entry doors, sliding doors or French patio doors directly from a Home Depot store and installing them yourself. However, hiring a Home Depot Installer to measure and customize new exterior doors opens you up to a much wider range of options and possibilities to meet the needs of your home.

As well, remember that professional exterior door installation from The Home Depot Home Services offers you not only the expertise and high service standards of our experienced installers, but also a one-year parts and labour warranty that's included in your exterior door installation cost.

For interior doors, The Home Depot carries a full range of slab and pre-hung doors, handles, locks, hinges and other materials you'll need for your project. But while you can save on the cost of labour by installing interior doors yourself, hiring an experienced Local Pro can save time and help get the job done more easily.

In some cases, such as when you require custom door sizes or additional work around a door frame, professional installation may be your only suitable option to get the doors you need for your home.

Get Your Project Started Today!

Request a free, in-home consultation with a Home Depot Design Consultant and let us help you choose your exterior door replacement options.

Call 1-800-HOME DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), visit a store, or submit an online request for a free consultation.

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