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How to Clean Windows


Having clean windows really helps your home look clean, both inside and out. We’ll show you the best way to clean windows so you can enjoy a crystal clear view of the outdoors from anywhere in your home.    

Skill Level: Beginner
  1. Step 1 Gather Cleaning Supplies

    Gather Cleaning Supplies

    Gather the required cleaning supplies. You’ll need a glass cleaner, a pail, some cleaning cloths or sponges and a squeegee. Diluting a small amount of ammonia with some rubbing alcohol or vinegar in water makes an effective grease cleaning solution while warm water and cornstarch or dish soap also creates a great general window cleaner.

  2. Step 2 Clean Window Frames and Prepare Window

    Clean Window Frames and Prepare Window

    Clean the frames and surrounding areas first. If you clean them after you’ve cleaned the glass, you risk streaking or dirtying the clean glass. If there is any adhesive, use adhesive removers to get a nice clean finish. When cleaning the outside of the windows, use a razor or scrubber to get off hard to clean things like sap or paint.    

  3. Step 3 Scrub Window

    Scrub Window

    Dip your cloth or scrubber into a bucket of cleaning solution and scrub your windows to get all of the caked on and hard to remove dirt off. If you notice the scrubber getting dirty, ring it out and dip it back into the solution and resume scrubbing. You’ll have a spotless window in no time.    

  4. Step 4 Squeegee the Window

    Squeegee the Window

    Using a squeegee on the wet window, start at the top and pull it downwards, leaving a beautiful, streak-free finish as you go. Make sure you catch any water or solution that is streaming down the window before it gets all over the frame and surrounding area. Repeat this on all windows until they’re all completely clean.    

What You Need for This Project

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