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Water Heater Installation

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Overview of the Service

The Home Depot will replace your water heater with a more reliable, energy-efficient Rheem unit so you can enjoy more hot water for less.

Why have it installed by The Home Depot?

When you replace your water heater, you need reliable service and a trusted brand name. With The Home Depot, you get both. Our Installation Services professionals are authorized and insured, and they will expertly remove the old unit and replace it with a new Rheem unit. It is recommended that you use a licensed, professional installer, as the installation of a water heater deals with carbon monoxide, natural gas, and a pressure-controlled holding tank. Any one of these factors could cause catastrophic damage and/or injury if the unit is not installed properly. Our trained professionals know all of the necessary codes and safety factors. When installed by The Home Depot, we also offer additional in-home maintenance services for our Water Heaters.

Same-day service in most geographic areas is also available: If applicable in your area, book an appointment in-store before noon, and we’ll install your unit the same day.

We’ll also help you get your project underway as promptly as possible with the use of The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card.

A basic water heater installation consists of the following:

  • Delivery of new water heater to your home (delivery charges could apply for units that are further than 30 miles from a Home Depot store location).
  • Disconnection of existing unit and removal for disposal (excluding stone-lined water heaters).
  • Installation of new unit of the same size, installed in the same unobstructed area and reconnection of existing gas, electric, water and venting lines.
  • Up to 5 feet of discharge tube, gas and/or water pipe as needed.
  • Conversion of water or gas lines from flex to solid pipe up to 5 feet if needed.
  • Provision of nipples, couplings and copper tubing for direct reconnect.
  • Testing of new water heater to insure proper operation.
  • Final cleanup of job site and walk-through with customer.
  • Additional charges may apply: Building permit and new building code upgrades may be required by your local municipality.

What are the benefits of installing a new water heater?

1. Dependable Hot Water

Installing a reliable water heater will provide you with continuous hot water whenever you need it, and ensure your home is equipped with enough hot water based on your household capacity.

2. Continuous Energy Savings

Installing a higher efficiency water heater will help you save monthly on your energy bills.

3. Peace-of-Mind

The Home Depot offers exceptional warranties on Rheem water heaters installed through the Home Depot Installation Services Program. Enjoy years of reliable home comfort.

How do you know if you need a new water heater?

There are several signs that may indicate your water heater is failing:

  • Water buildup in or around the area of your water heater may suggest a leak.
  • Water-quality issues, such as rust or sediment visible in your water supply.
  • The unit does not provide the same temperature or duration of hot water as in the past.

Service Options

The Home Depot offers a range of Installation Services to help with all your home comfort needs. Aside from Water Heater Installation, there's also Heating and Cooling Installation for furnace replacement, air conditioners and heat pumps.

3 Steps to Water Heater Installation

Step 1:


When you visit in-store, an associate will help you select the right water heater for your needs based on your current water consumption, the location of your existing water heater and its dimensions, as well as whether you require a gas or electric model. They are able to provide you with a quote, however, many of our providers conduct an on-site inspection to ensure the installation meets local code.

Step 2:

Professional Installation

Your installation will take place on a pre-scheduled date that is convenient for you. Your installer will remove the existing unit and install your new Rheem water heater, maintaining a safe work site at all times and ensuring a thorough cleanup.

Step 3:

Follow-Up Inspection

Once the project is complete, your installer will familiarize you with the proper use of your new water heater, and perform a final inspection of the project with you to confirm your satisfaction.

Water Heaters: Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a new water heater?
  • Consider fuel source (gas or electric), storage capacity (up to 80 gallons), tank type (tank or tankless), and manufacturer warranty options.

Do I have an option of what type of unit I purchase?
  • You have many options. We carry a variety of GE-branded Rheem traditional tank water heaters in capacities that range from 30 gallons to 80 gallons in a variety of fuel sources (gas, electric). We also offer a wide selection of Rheem gas tankless water heaters.

What’s the difference between gas and electric?
  • Gas usually costs less to operate, but is a slightly larger upfront investment and less efficient. Electric costs more to operate but is more efficient and offers higher energy-factor ratings.

What’s the difference between a conventional storage tank and a tankless one?
  • A conventional tank constantly heats stored water, is good for high usage demands and is economical. It can be stored in a closet, basement or garage and has a capacity of up to 80 gallons. A tankless water heater has lower operating costs, uses less space and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%. It can also provide continuous hot water at a precise temperature, however, it does require more upfront investment, may need venting and is not ideal for heavy usage.

What is a permit and why do I need it?
  • Permits are governed by local cities and municipalities and are required to ensure that a local plumbing inspector is dispatched to the site as a third party to review the workmanship of the installer. This is meant to ensure that the install has been executed safely and is in line with local municipality, city or provincial plumbing codes and ensures that the quality of workmanship by our licensed professional installers meets plumbing standards.

    Permits are required on most water heater installs and pricing varies by province, city and municipality. Our installation professionals can review the permit process and pricing with you and answer any questions you have.

How will I know my service provider is authorized by The Home Depot?
  • All of our handpicked providers carry an orange The Home Depot Home Services badge. If this badge is not visible, ask to see it. This badge means they have undergone a thorough background screening process and are properly licensed and insured.

What are some additional water heater features to consider?
  • Depending on your needs, inquire about self-cleaning units, product efficiency ratings, first-hour hot water delivery and recovery time, and automatic shutoff valves. Self-cleaning units automatically fight lime and sediment buildup to lengthen tank life and maintain peak efficiency for a longer period of time. Recovery speed is the amount of time it takes to heat a full tank of water. If you tend to use a lot of hot water, look for a model with a fast recovery speed. An automatic shutoff valve helps prevent fires by shutting off the flow of gas if there’s movement in the ground or the gas flow experiences a sudden, sizeable increase.

What is the best way to insure a longer life for my water heater?
  • You should flush your water heater once per year to help remove sediment or rust that may be building up. This will greatly increase the life of your water heater and can even extend it beyond the manufacturer’s warranty timeframe.

Our Guarantee

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Every installer who works for you is experienced, highly skilled, licensed, and back checked. You can be confident that you're getting quality workmanship.

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Our installers are committed professionals, backed by a name you can trust. The Home Depot ensures our installers have passed numerous background checks through our partnership with: 

These checks include:

  • Trade license checks (where required by local legislation)
  • Criminal background checks
  • Up-to-date Workers' Compensation Coverage

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Our #1 priority is your satisfaction. We stand behind your project with a guarantee†† as solid as The Home Depot.

† As required. †† See contract for details.

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