Getting Started With Philips Hue Smart Lights

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With Philips Hue smart lighting, you get complete control over your home lighting, letting you create the perfect ambiance for any scenario. Easy to set up and simple to control, you’ll be able to schedule your lights’ on and off times, change colours and create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining, reading or relaxing, all from anywhere using your smart device. With voice-recognition integration through Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more, controlling your lighting has never been easier.

Getting Started with Philips Hue Smart Lighting


1 Power Your Light Sources

hue bridge

2 Set up your Hue Bridge

download philips hue app

3 Download the Philips Hue App

Create and Enjoy!

Lighting for Every Need

Whether you’re looking for simple white lighting or RGB lighting to enhance your gaming and entertainment experience, with Philips Hue lights the possibilities are endless.

Choosing the Right Philips Hue Product


Philips Hue bulbs come in three colour configurations: White, White Ambiance and White and Colour Ambiance. 


Simple white lighting that can be controlled from anywhere using your smart device. Schedule your Hue lights while travelling or control them from anywhere in your home using the Philips Hue app. 

White Ambiance

With all the same great features as the Philips Hue white bulb, the White Ambiance bulbs offer three different levels of white. Standard white for normal lighting, a cool white light to help energize you and a warmer white light to help you relax and unwind. 

White and Colour Ambiance

For the ultimate in customization, the Colour Ambiance bulbs offer a nearly infinite range of RGB colours that you can control from the Hue app, or sync to your television, allowing you to completely revolutionize the way you watch and play games.

hue bridge

Hue Bridge

The Hue Bridge is the hub for your smart lighting system and connects to your Wi-Fi network. Using the bridge, you can to connect up to 50 bulbs and fixtures and control them all from anywhere.

Philips Hue Works with These Smart Home Brands

Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Apple HomeKit

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