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Wall Plates

Shop Wall Plate Covers by Type

The traditional light switch cover for standard toggle switches

Rocker wall plates have a wider, smoother rocker switch to control your lighting

Duplex wall plates are the standard 2-outlet wall plate

These wall plates house all types of audio and visual cables including HDMI, ethernet and coax

A single outlet plate has one opening designed for appliance outlets like stoves and dryers

Mix toggles, rockers, outlets and media cables for the ultimate in customization

These are used to cover empty electrical boxes or ones with disconnected wires no longer in use

Shop Wall Plate Covers by Gangs

Wall Plates to Finish any Space

The best choices for wall plates are the ones that blend in seamlessly with your existing décor. They cover up the areas on your drywall that house light switches, ethernet ports, coax cable spots and more. You can even use decorative wall plates to hide holes or connection areas that you’re no longer using.

Light Switch Covers

Light switch covers or light switch plates go over your light switches to make them blend in with the wall. They offer rounded edges and smooth finishes to help avoid dust build-up. They also come in a variety of sizes including 2 gang and 3 gang wall plates.

Ethernet Wall Plates

Whether you’re running cat5 or cat6 cable throughout your home to achieve a more stable internet connection or simply hardwiring devices like computers or televisions, ethernet wall plates will help hide those open areas where the cable enters the room.

Coax Wall Plates

If you’re looking to cover the places where the cable comes out of the wall for your television, then coax wall covers are the answer. They attach behind the wall cover and then secure to the wall. Then you simply have to use the front facing hook-up to attach your cable.