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Electrical Boxes, Conduit & Fittings

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Plastic and PVC Electrical Boxes

  • Lightweight, provide good value and are simple to work with
  • Holes are easy to punch out in the back or sides
  • PVC can melt when subjected to sufficiently high temperatures but does not conduct electricity

Metal Electrical Boxes

  • Ultra-strong, fireproof, and incapable of being melted
  • Drive strong screws into the studs, ensuring a maximum amount of holding power
  • Rear and side knock-outs require supplementary clamps

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Electrical Boxes and Conduits

Electrical conduits are a key element of protecting your home from exposed wiring, which could cause fires. Conduit is also used to protect outdoor wiring from the elements. EMT conduit (electrical metallic tubing) is lightweight and easy to install, IMC (intermediate metallic conduit) is thicker and more suitable for outdoor applications, and GRC (galvanized rigid conduit) is the thickest and offers the most protection for internal wiring.

Flexible conduit allows you to run wiring through tighter spaces, helping you get power to those harder to reach areas. You can even get pre-wired conduit that has the wires already running through it, making it the most convenient choice for your next electrical project. There is even a non-metallic conduit, usually made of PVC, which is good for outdoor applications. It’s strong, waterproof and extremely light, making it a great choice in applicable areas. It can also be used in metal or plastic electrical box covers, making it extremely versatile.

Liquid Tight Conduit comes in metallic and non-metallic options; the metallic ones generally have a plastic coating to prevent water penetration, protecting the wires from moisture, making it great for wet or corrosive locations both indoors and out.

Electrical junction boxes allow you to split wiring and run new outlets. Receptacle boxes are where your outlets are installed and mount easily to wooden joists and studs. You can use handy boxes to install light switches or receptacles on the surface of walls in areas where doing work behind the wall is hard or impossible. Outdoor boxes are available in metallic and non-metallic varieties, depending on your project or location. Once your boxes are installed, choose an outlet cover that matches your décor to add a finishing touch.

No matter which type of conduit or box you need, you can find everything you need at The Home Depot Canada. 

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