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Pendant Lighting

Illuminate Your Space Further

Ideas & How-to

Pendant Lighting on a Budget

Browse our wide selection of beautiful and practical pendant lighting for under $100.

Save space and Look Great

Pendant lights are a great way to add lighting without overpowering the other design elements in a room. These hanging light fixtures look great over a kitchen island, in a bathroom or in any room in your home.

Upgrade to New Pendant Lights

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen with kitchen island lighting, considering dining room pendant lights or other options, you can both save space and add style with attractive pendant light fixtures. Choose from a variety of options like black pendant lights, glass pendant lights and even globe or wood pendant lighting to accent any décor and bring your room together. Go rustic with copper pendant lights, modern with geometric designs or classic with crystal pendant lighting.

Style and Function

Upgrade to a contemporary style with simple metal frames. Choose wooden and rope looks for a rustic, cottage feel. If you’re looking for modern pendant lighting options, sleek lines and simple nickel or white finishes can perfectly compliment a modern design, while crystal can really glam up your space. Pendant light fixtures also come in a variety of sizes from mini pendant lights to multi light pendant options. Whatever style you’re looking to create, you’ll find a pendant lighting solution to fit your needs.