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Recessed Lighting

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Shop LED Recessed Pot Lights

Find the perfect recessed LED pot lights for your space.

LED Low-Profile Recessed Lights

Ultra-thin LED pot light modules with no housing cans required.

LED Retrofit Recessed Lights

Convert your current recessed fixtures to accept modern LED lights.

Shop Recessed Pot Lights By Space

Brighten your living space with beautiful recessed lights.

Pot lights are perfect for dry interior spaces like kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

Waterproof pot lights are designed for higher moisture areas like in your shower.

Exterior damp and wet rated pot lights are ideal for areas like your front porch or soffits.

Showcase your artwork with wall washed and gimbal trim pot lights.

Find the Right Fit

Find the right pot light size by measuring the diameter of your ceiling opening in inches.

Shop By Feature

There are different pot light features to fit any design or layout.

Colour SeleCCTable Recessed Lights

Adjustable colour temperatures to provide cool or warm ambience.

Colour Changing Recessed Lights

Customize your lighting with your smartphone using smart RGBW colour tunable pot lights.

IC Rated Recessed Lights

Insulation Contact (IC) rated recessed pot lights can be used in insulated ceilings without running the risk of overheating.

Directional Recessed Lights

Recessed pot lights that let you focus light where you want it.

Trending Styles in Recessed Pot Lights

Creating a bright and evenly lit space with these modern style lights.

Shop Top Brands

Build Your Own Recessed Light Kits

Build your own lighting kit with our wide selection of trims, housings and bulbs.

Illuminate with Elegance Using Recessed Pot Lights

Recessed lighting or pot lighting refers to having your lighting mounted in the ceiling, rather than externally in a fixture. It looks neater and when combined with LED bulbs, can save you money on your energy bills. 

Recessed lighting comes in various shapes and sizes. You can have circular pots that disappear into the ceiling or trim your pots with different colours and materials to get the look you like. You can install dimmable bulbs as well to really set the mood.

Recessed lighting can be used all over your house and can be rated differently for each area of your home. Indoor rated pot lights are perfect for your living room, dining room or bedrooms. Waterproof pot lights are great for areas where there is a high amount of moisture, like above your shower or bathtub. Outdoor rated pot lights are just that, perfect for outdoors in areas like your front porch or in your soffits for whole-home illumination.

If you’re looking to set a specific mood, you can even get colour-changing pot lights. They’re perfect for lighting a room while watching a movie, entertaining guests or simply relaxing.

If you’ve got artwork or wall features that you’d like to highlight, you can consider gallery pot lights, which are used to accentuate wall mounted items and décor.

Whatever the style or function you need; you’ll find all of your pot lights and related accessories at The Home Depot Canada.