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Ladders & Scaffolding

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The perfect ladder will help keep you safe while completing your next project.

Load Capacity

When selecting the right ladder, you need to consider your weight and the weight of any tools and other items that you'll have with you.

Ladders come in all sizes to accommodate any job. Step ladders and step stools can help you reach a bit higher for those medium height jobs, while extension ladders, folding ladders and collapsible ladders can help you reach even higher. Roof ladder hooks are a great way to keep you stable while working up near your roof. Platform ladders provide a standing spot at its apex to make working from the top even easier. 

If you’re looking for help around the kitchen or other areas of your home, consider purchasing a kitchen helper stool or folding step stool to help you reach cupboards, on top of the fridge or anywhere else you need. A wooden step stool would also be a great choice for use in these scenarios. A telescopic ladder or attic ladder can get you into the top of your home with ease for any storage jobs that may arise.

If you need to move around while working, consider using scaffolding to get the job done easier. Scaffolding can fit into narrow spaces or into difficult to reach spots to provide you with a safe and comfortable work platform. Some scaffolding can even be extended to reach high ceilings and even the gutters of your home for the ultimate in jobsite convenience. Scaffolding can minimize the risk of falls when working at lofty heights.