Ladders & Scaffolding

Sometimes Your Job is Just Out of Reach 

Luckily, The Home Depot offers a variety of ladders and scaffolding that can help you reach even the highest spot in your home, to safely repair, paint or fix things with ease. While ladders are a great tool to have around the home, proper use and safety are essential to ensure safe operation.

Step Ladders 

A good step ladder is an important part of any home’s arsenal, as you’ll need it to access those just-out-of-reach spots like your higher cupboards or above your fridge. They help you safely reach places you wouldn’t normally be able to as well as open up your rooms to additional storage options that may have previously been inaccessible. They’re also great for use around the home including in bedrooms and outside.

Extension Ladders

When doing work on extremely high areas, sometime you’ll require the use of extension ladders to help you reach certain spots. When doing things like hanging Christmas lights outdoors, repairing siding or cleaning eaves, an extendable ladder is a perfect choice to safely and effectively get the job done. The adjustable height is perfect for reaching and cleaning windows on the exterior of the home as well. 

Be Safe While Using your Ladder

Ladder safety is important, as ladders are extremely dangerous when used incorrectly. Always wear the appropriate safety gear and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using your ladder. Ensure that the feet are on level ground, have a spotter whenever possible, and be conscious of your surroundings. When using a ladder outdoors, try to avoid operating it in cold or icy weather, where the footings could become slick and cause a potential fall.