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Need Your Window Air Conditioner Installed? Local Pros Can Help!

Our Local Pros are professional window AC installers who are trained to meet your window AC installation needs, evaluate the work site, assemble the window air conditioner and install it for you.

What Do Our Window AC Installation Services Include?

Window AC installation Pros are experts with years of knowledge. Their services include taking step-by-step measures for proper assembly and installation of the window AC unit, sealing the windows to secure the AC and much more.

Window AC Installation

Hire professional window AC installation by qualified Local Pros for a hassle-free, clean and affordable installation process. Whether you want to replace a window air conditioner or want to newly install it, Local Pros can help!

Caulking to Seal Gaps

If you are hiring window air conditioner installation services after having your window AC removed off season, the new installation may need more care. Our professional window AC installers can help you with caulking/sealing off the gaps when re-installing it.

With Our Professional Window AC Installation Services, You Get:

Professional Service

Our window AC installation Pros take their jobs seriously and will offer professional window AC installation services that ultimately satisfies your room’s needs.

Expert Advice

Our window air conditioner installation services are offered by expert and knowledgeable Local Pros efficient in professional window AC installation. They can answer any concerns that you may have in terms of newly installing or replacing window air conditioners.

Tips for Keeping Your Window AC Running Smoothly

✔  Ensure to empty and completely dry water tray caused by condensation.

  Clean and change vents and filter regularly for optimum functioning of your air conditioner until the next servicing date.

  Check for loose seals or gaps around air conditioner which can allow the air to escape and result in the AC wearing out faster.

✔  Straighten bent fins and make sure to clean them too. Fins are often ignored in the process of maintaining window air conditioners.

  Cover and wrap your window AC unit whenever not in use to prevent dust particles from clogging the vents.

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How It Works

You have two ways to set up professional Window AC Installation services with a Local Pro.

Purchase Window AC Online

Already know what you need? Pair your window AC purchase with a scheduled appointment with a Local Pro.

1 Select Product and Service

  • Shop to purchase a product. Select “Connect me to Local Pros” on the product page to check availability of Local Pros in your area.

2 Complete Your Purchase

  • Add both product and service to cart. Once you complete your product purchase, we will email you details of up to 3 Local Pros who will call you to discuss your project, provide a quote, and schedule an appointment.

3 Get Your Job Completed

  • At the scheduled time, your Pro will arrive to complete the installation. After it’s done, leave a review to share your experience of how it went and help fortify our network of great Local Pros.

Consult a Local Pro

Need some professional advice? Consult a Local Pro.

1 Complete your request form

  • Enter your contact information and tell us more details about the job you’d like done.

2 View Local Pros in Your Area

  • After submitting a request, you will be contacted by up to three Local Pros based on your job request. Compare their credentials, ask questions, discuss availability, and obtain a quote.

3 Select a Local Pro and Schedule Installation

  • Once you’ve decided on the Pro you want - hire the Local Pro that fulfills your criteria.

4 Get Your Job Completed

  • After the job is complete, leave a review to share your experience of how it went, and help fortify our network of great Local Pros

Why Choose Local Pros

Home Services

Hire From A Network of Pros

Hiring from our network ensures you get your job done by the best of the best, no matter who you end up choosing.

Trusted Installers

Background Checked

All Local Pros are independently background checked - licensed and experienced for the job.

Flexible Financing

Rated and Reviewed

All Local Pros are trusted professionals who are rated and reviewed by homeowners like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Questions

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Window Air Conditioner Installation Services From Qualified Local Pros

Hiring one of our experienced Local Pros for your window air conditioner installation services ensures quality and professional overall installation.

All our Pros are trained and knowledgeable window AC installers, arrive the job site with a problem-solving attitude and are willing to clearly explain the job to the customer in simple words before they begin their job. Our Pro window AC installers don’t just install the air conditioner; they also completely insulate and secure it properly to the window.

Affordable, Guided and Professional Services from Window AC Installers

Window air conditioner installation services with Home Depot’s Local Pros are cost-effective combined with expert advice and assistance. Our window AC installers are licensed, qualified and professional and can tackle the installation process effectively from beginning to end.

With their deep knowledge of different types of structure and experience with dealing with various construction materials, Local Pros will even tell you whether window AC installation is the right choice for you.