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Best Kids Playroom Ideas

A playroom should be functional and foster creativity and excitement for your kids. With our playroom ideas, you can turn any space into a place your children can have fun in.

Decorate from a Kid’s Perspective

When it comes to kid’s playroom ideas, you’ll want to focus on plenty of colourful décor, kid-friendly furniture and toys for your children to interact with. Consider incorporating a reading nook, nap-time space, or even larger pieces like a play kitchen or study nook for them to do homework.

Embrace Your Inner Child with Colourful Walls

Having bright, colourful walls is a staple when planning a playroom. Children are often drawn to a stimulating environment. For some kids room paint ideas, you could go for more daring colours like a loud orange or sunny yellow or opt for pale pastels instead. Neutral colours can also be suitable if you’re going to place less permanent colourful pieces around the room, like furniture or rugs.

Foster Creativity with Wallpapers and Decals

Wallpaper or wall decals and murals can be an exciting way to transform a room. There is an imaginative selection to suit any kids room ideas, including decals of your children’s favorite cartoon characters and fun quotes, or even patterned peel-and-stick wallpaper for a temporary change.

Include a Table for Crafts and Activities

Including a table and chairs in your kid’s playroom can be beneficial for doing arts and crafts, building, reading, or doing homework. Considering making this area a focal point in the room by contrasting a neutral-colored table with colourful chairs, or vice versa.

Add Fun and Comfort with Cheerful Rugs

An eye-catching rug can instantly warm up a room and provide a comfortable place for your children to play. Place their toys and materials close to the area rug so that it becomes a designated play area. As some play sessions can become more active, purchase a non-slip mat to place underneath the rug for safety and protection.

Keep It Organized

Playrooms are bound to get messy, so having a system in place where your children can easily tidy up and put things away is important. Follow these kids room ideas for organization and storage to keep things neat and tidy:

  • Consider storage bins or cube organizers that are easy to place and access
  • Use storage ottomans as a multi-functional furniture piece where children can both sit and store
  • Wall storage can be ideal for books, CDs, and art supplies
  • Labelling boxes and compartments can make it easy to identify what goes where

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