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Carpet Types & How To Choose Your Carpet

The right carpet can have a dramatic effect on a room by adding colour, warmth and comfort. Carpet also has natural sound-reducing properties that are particularly useful in areas such as upper-floor bedrooms and hallways of multi-storey homes. Choosing the best carpet can however be a challenge, we'll walk you through the different carpet types, types of carpet materials and other carpet options to consider. Don’t forget, if you purchase your carpet from The Home Depot Canada, we’ll install it for FREE!

Planning for Your New Carpet

There are a few things you should consider before buying your carpet to ensure you’re getting the best carpet for your needs.

Make sure you allow for delivery time as some carpets can take up to two weeks for delivery. The Home Depot Canada does offer a number of options for customers that are on a tighter timeline.

Consider what you dislike about your current carpet. Are you simply looking for a new colour or style? A more elegant look or something that doesn’t shed or pill? We have a carpet that fits any need.

If you have children or pets, consider a carpet that features high stain resistance. The Home Depot Canada offers them in various styles and colours to suit ay design.

Where will you be installing your new carpet? If it’s in a heavy traffic area such as a hallway or family room, consider installing a durable carpet that can stand up to daily wear and tear.

Choose the Best Carpet Type

The type of carpet you choose can vary depending on where you’re installing it. Tufted carpet is the most common type, where loops of yarn are stitched into a backing to form a pile. Cut Pile carpets are popular and able to stand up to daily wear and tear while Looped Pile carpets are better suited for casual spaces.

Cut Pile and Textured Cut Pile

Cut pile is a style of carpet that is has the ends of the carpet fibre exposed. Texture cut pile carpeting has a velvety cut pile of looped fibres that have been sheared so they stand straight. Both have a soft hand and tend to hide footprints and vacuum tracks.

Frieze Carpet    

Frieze style carpeting has tightly twisted fibres giving it incredible durability and versatility. It traditionally comes in two types – higher quality types are made of nylon or wool, while others are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Its casual style is great for high-traffic areas, and it resists marks, dirt and stains. It also has good sound absorption qualities, making it a great choice for hallways.

Loop Pile

Level loop carpet has loops that are all the same height. It doesn't show footprints and is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear. Another option is looped pile Berber, which is ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways, finished basements and children's bedrooms.

Cut and Loop

Pattern carpet comes in single or multiple colours and adds a distinct textural element to a room's décor. It's good at hiding marks since it doesn't have a level finish.

Shop By Colour Palette

Choose a Carpet Colour that Matches Your Décor

Selecting the right colour carpet for your space is easy if you follow a few of our tips and tricks.

Make sure to look at your carpet in all light types. Natural light, low-light and room lighting can all affect the look of your carpet within a room and the way it interacts with your paint colours.

If your room has a bold colour on the walls or you intend to furnish it with bold or bright coloured furniture, select a neutral-tone carpet. If your room is neutral-coloured, a bold carpet can really make it pop.

If you’re buying paint and carpet at the same time, compare the paint samples to the carpet samples side-by-side to get a good understanding of how the colours look with each other.

Types of Carpet Material


Polyester has changed enormously since its inception. It is a soft, very bulky fibre which is extremely hard to dye. It has excellent colour clarity and retention. Since polyester is hard to dye, it is also hard to stain, therefore offers superior stain resistance.


Polypropylene is also known as olefin. It is considered to be the least expensive fibre of the industry. This fibre absorbs virtually no moisture and has inherent stain resistance because it is solution-dyed.


Nylon is the most flexible fibre for dyeing, styling and construction methods therefore is considered the most versatile fibre in the industry. It is also very durable thanks to its abrasion resistance. Eco-friendly, nylon is completely recyclable.

Choose Your Carpet Padding

Carpet needs padding underneath to hold it up and keep it looking great. Your carpet consists of fibre woven into a backing and without a pad beneath, the backing can break, causing the carpet to start looking worn.

A 6.5 pound pad is pretty standard, while a heavier 8 pound pad will last longer and will help your carpet last even longer.

The standard typed of padding are Prime Foam, Frothed Foam, Rebond and Memory Foam pads. Prime Foam padding is not as durable and should only be used in low-use rooms in your home. Frothed Foam padding is extremely durable, but quite expensive. Rebond padding is inexpensive and durable, making it one of the most common types of padding in most homes. Memory Foam padding adds an extra level of comfort underfoot.

Consider Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a modular carpet option that are great for commercial environments and other simple projects. The come in various shapes and sizes, and can be arranged to fit in almost any area. Carpet tiles are also easy to install and require little maintenance.


Rest assured that your carpet will perform to your expectations. The Home Depot Canada offers various warranties to guarantee your carpet investment.


Stain & Soil Resistance

Abrasive Wear

Texture Retention

Limited Lifetime 25 25
Premium Warranty    
Limited Lifetime 15 15
Deluxe Warranty Limited Lifetime 10 10
Select Warranty    
5 5 n/a

* Receipts documenting proof of professional cleaning using a hot water extraction cleaning method is required every 12 – 18 months for coverage of warranties.

Air Quality

This certification proves that the product has been tested and certified by an independent laboratory and has met stringent criteria for low VOC emissions.

Green Label Plus® ensures that customers are purchasing the lowest volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitting carpet, adhesive and cushion products on the market.

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