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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Create a beautiful, functional and space-saving kitchen design that doesn't skimp on style. Your kitchen is the hub of your home, so give a smart look that maximizes countertop and storage space, without compromising form or function. With the right plan, you can easily prove that less is more.

Choose the Best Layout for Small Kitchens

A galley kitchen layout with features on both sides of the space.


A galley kitchen features a center aisle with cabinets and appliances on one or both sides. Be sure to leave enough space – about four to six feet of clearances in the middle – to ensure that your appliance and cabinet doors can open completely.

A u-shaped kitchen layout with appliances and cabinets on three walls.


A U-shaped layout – also known as a horseshoe layout – places your appliances and cabinets on three walls. If you’ve got enough room, consider incorporating an island with seating in the center.

An L-shaped kitchen layout.


This classic design uses the corner of your space as a kitchen. Attached at adjoining walls, this flexible layout helps to create a work triangle for easy access to everything you need.

A kitchen island featured in a brightly lit kitchen.

With Island

Adding an island to any kitchen gives you even more options for storage as well as providing you with more prep space and a place to sit and eat.

Bring a Clean, Uncluttered Feel with a Modern Design

A white coloured kitchen with black lower cabinets

Create a kitchen with a beautiful, modern design that features clean lines, cool colours and a minimalist look and feel. Frosted glass cabinet doors, granite countertops, sleek hardwood floors and simple, angular cabinet design come together to create a bold, visually interesting design that’s sure to impress.

If you’re planning a full kitchen renovation or new kitchen cabinet design, consider connecting with an online kitchen expert for a free virtual consultation.

Choose the Right Appliances for Small Spaces

A kitchen featuring a stove, fridge and range hood.

If you’re tight for space in your home, consider space-saving appliances that are sized perfectly for smaller spaces. A small-space fridge, range or dishwasher can give you the performance you need with a smaller footprint, giving you more room to cook and entertain.

Maximize Storage with Space-saving Accessories

Expand your storage areas with great, space-saving accessories that help to create a spot for all of your kitchen items. Whether you’re storing pots, pans, Tupperware or other items, adding additional storage items like slide-out pot organizers, clip-on storage compartments and more will help you maximize space and keep your small kitchen organized.

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