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Best Backyard Lighting Ideas

A beautifully lit backyard can be a place to cook, relax and entertain friends and family once the sun goes down. Choosing the right backyard lighting ideas for your space is key to illuminating everything effectively and setting the mood. We’ll show you some great backyard lighting ideas to help brighten up your yard!

Illuminate Large Areas with Security Lights

Security lighting can give you peace of mind by illuminating your yard after dark to show you what’s happening out there. They can be motion sensing as well, so they’ll only light up when there is movement, making them an efficient, effective security solution.

Add Style to Your Walkways with Path Lighting

One of the best looking additions to any backyard is an illuminated pathway. Electric and solar in-ground lighting options are a great way to keep you and your guests safe while walking through your yard, plus, they add a stylish look to liven up the space. You can even use them to light up stairways for extra safety.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere for Every Occasion with String Lights

One of the hottest trends is string lighting, which can be run across your patio or deck like a canopy, giving you warm, even lighting over your backyard space. Edison-style bulbs, globe lights and others are great options to give you that beautiful, cozy look while entertaining or relaxing. They can even be hung from trees or attached to your fence to add style and light all around your backyard.

Highlight the Beauty of Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting ideas, rock lighting, solar lighting and in-ground lighting are all great options for highlighting your surrounding backyard areas like gardens, shrubs and trees. They can be wired under the ground or solar powered, giving you flexibility as to where they go and how you space them out.

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