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Small Backyard Patio Ideas

If you’re looking to upgrade an out of date backyard or patio, consider these tips and inspirations to create a space that is perfect for entertaining or relaxing. Simple small backyard designs and upgrades can make a huge difference in our outdoor space. Choosing the right style can help you pick pieces and accessories that work together so you’ll build a yard that is both cohesive and beautiful.

Create a More Intimate Dining Setting

A small conversation set can be the perfect cozy gathering place on a small backyard patio. Pair two chairs with a table for drinks or food and you’ll have a great little spot for entertaining.

Design a Cozy Lounge Area

Use a love seat and a small coffee table to create a lounge area that can seat three. This setup is ideal for an outdoor dinner or drink gathering.

Add Space-Saving Outdoor Décor

Add some space-saving accessories to really make your design pop. Lanterns with candles, colourful accent pillows, trendy side tables and more can bring your patio design to life.

Choose Narrow or Hanging Plants

Narrow or hanging plants can provide a lush, green look while saving space for your furniture and accessories. Hang them around your patio or place them on your tables for a fresh look.

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