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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe with Smart Devices

Home safety is an important issue whether you live in the big city or have a home in the suburbs. If there are kids in the house, making your home as safe as possible is especially important, and smart home devices can help you monitor and protect your home, no matter where you are.

Use Smart Cameras to Monitor Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Nest camera on a desk

Install smart home security cameras so you can keep any eye on your house via your smart device no matter where you are. First, determine how many cameras you’ll need. For basic coverage, look to cover your front door, back door and family area.

Next, find a location near a power outlet to place your cameras. They can go near windows, on flat surfaces or mount on the wall with included hardware. Install the included app and connect your cameras via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi before checking your cameras for a clear picture.

Set Up a Smart Garage Door Opener

A person controlling their garage door with a smartphone

Use a Wi-Fi connected smart garage door opener to control access to your garage and set alerts for movement. Smart garage door openers connect to your phone or other smart device, allowing you to open and close your door easily. You’ll also see if and when your door is opened via your in-garage wall control.

Use your smart garage door opener app to set regular tasks like closing your garage door at the same time each day for greater security as well.

Install a Smart Lock on Your Front Door

A door slightly open with a smart lock on it

Opt for a smart lock on your front door. With a smart lock, you can control your front door locks remotely or from your living room sofa via your phone or tablet and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network. Smart locks are also an excellent choice for families with kids or teenagers who stay at home alone after school or on weekends for an hour or two.

For access without a smart phone or tablet, choose smart front door lock that have a programmable keypad in addition to Wi-Fi controls. These are very helpful if you have kids since they can memorize the combination without worrying about keeping keys handy or using an app. Most doors will also lock automatically, providing extra security without any effort on your part.

Set Up a Smart Doorbell

How to Install a Wireless Smart Doorbell (Easy and Simple!)

See who is at your front door with smart doorbell solutions. Using Wi-Fi, you can always have eyes on your front door via your connected smart device.

Easy to install, smart doorbells have an included camera that you can remotely monitor from your smartphone. From there, you’ll be able to see who is at your door and communicate with them, whether you’re at work, at home or in a completely different city.

Visible smart doorbell cameras are also a strong visual deterrent against break-ins.

Monitor Doors & Windows with Smart Sensors

A Ring smart sensor mounted on a door

Protect vulnerable entry points with smart door and window sensors. Designed to alert you via a Wi-Fi-based app when your entry points are disturbed, these sensors are easy to install throughout your home in just a few hours.

Door and window smart sensors can also communicate with your larger home security system, allowing you to monitor all of your cameras and sensors from one app.

Check Specific Areas and Automate Devices with Smart Motion Sensors

A motion sensor mounted to the leg of a table

Monitor special spots around your home like gates, driveways, walkways and garage doors with smart motion sensors. Made to alert you to movement via a smart device app, smart motion sensors are a wise choice to protect hard-to-see areas and access points.

Many smart motion sensors can also be used to automate certain features like turning on an exterior light whenever there is movement. Automating walkway lights and other home features is possible through many smart motion sensors is well.

Keep Your Home Safe with Smart Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A smoke alarm mounted onto the ceiling

Protect your family from smoke and carbon monoxide and get alerted to dangerous levels even when you’re away from home with smart detectors. They send you an alert on your smart device via Wi-Fi when dangerous levels are reached. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors also sound an alarm just like traditional models.

Many smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be implemented via your smart home security system as well, allowing you to consolidate the number of apps you’re using. Most models will fit where you already have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Home security is a vital component in any home setup. With smart home security devices installed, you’ll gain more control over your home’s access points and overall safety. You’ll also be able to remotely monitor areas like your front and back door, garage, gate and family room from your smart device, no matter where you are.

Start tailoring your home security system to your needs with smart devices today. We can help you find basic solutions like smart doorbell cameras and garage openers to full security systems for your whole home.

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