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Cordless Power Tool Combo Kits

Whether you're a professional or do-it-yourselfer, cordless combo kits will help outfit your toolbox or workshop instantly. Cordless combo kits generally include between two and six tools in a convenient carrying case, and are available in a wide range of configurations. To lighten the load and increase cost effectiveness, all the tools within an individual kit share the same voltage battery and charger.

Choosing the Right Cordless Combo Kits

The kit you choose should be based on your project needs and how the tools perform against others in their class. If some of the tools in your kit will receive particularly heavy use, look closely at the specs for those tools to be sure they will fit your requirements. All of the tools should be comfortable to grip and feel balanced in your hand to reduce fatigue and enhance control. Look for durable parts and smooth, easy adjustments.

Power of Cordless Tools

Heavy-duty applications call for higher voltage models to provide superior power and performance. Voltage generally ranges from 18 volts to 36 volts; however other factors such as torque determine power as well. Cordless tools rely on batteries for their operation, which lose power as they are used. To avoid downtime, ensure that you have extra batteries and/or a rapid charger - both may be included or purchased separately. Lithium-ion batteries provide long-lasting powerful performance with less weight.

Voltage Type Benefits Points to Consider
Higher Voltage (18V +)
  • Prolonged use between charges
  • Tackles heavy-duty
  • Heavier, bulkier
  • More expensive
Lower Voltage (less than 18V)
  • Lighter, more compact
  • Less expensive
  • For light- to medium-duty applications
  • More frequent charging

Types of Tools in Cordless Combo Kits

Some cordless combo kits are geared toward specific applications such as finish carpentry, while others offer a diverse assortment of tools. Kits may also include work lights, hand vacs, radios, and a case for quick storage and easy transport. The following are the most common tools found in cordless combo kits, as well as their functions and benefits.

Cordless Circular Saw

  • Handheld saw
  • Allows crosscuts, ripping, bevel cuts, mitre cuts, plunge cuts and more
  • Used for all home renovation projects from framing to finish carpentry
  • Extremely versatile

Cordless Reciprocating Saw

  • Handheld saw
  • Ideal for rough cuts in tight spaces or awkward positions, such as overhead - not suited for precise cuts
  • Commonly used in construction, demolition, fire and rescue, plumbing and HVAC

Cordless Drill

  • Used for boring holes in wood, drywall, metal and more
  • Can insert and remove fasteners

Cordless Hammer Drill

  • Used for boring holes in concrete, stone, block and brick
  • Hammer action can usually be switched off for use as a standard drill
  • While the drill turns, it also vibrates the chuck back and forth or side-to-side to help the bit chip the material

Cordless Impact Driver

  • Designed specifically for easy fastening
  • Can be used for drilling, but not as effectively as drills or hammer drills
  • Ideal for fastening on metal, pressure-treated lumber, cabinets and more
  • Fast "tapping" action in combination with the turning of the bit, prevents stripping the screw head

Shop Cordless Combo Kits by Brand


Adjustable Handle
Some tools offer multiple handle positions, so you can adjust your grip for maximum comfort and control and work in more positions and spaces.
Dust Port
Many saws include a dust port to connect a dust bag or wet/dry vac to your saw, enabling you to collect sawdust as you cut.
Easy-change Blade/Bit System
Some tools offer easy blade or bit changes, with or without tools. If you switch blades or bits frequently, minimize your downtime by choosing a system that's simple to operate.
Electric Brake
An electric brake enhances saw safety and helps you get ready for the next cut fast by stopping the blade seconds after you release the trigger.
Laser Guide Laser guides are included on some saws to help you match the blade position to your cut line for enhanced accuracy.
Lithium-ion Batteries Lithium-ion batteries weigh 40% less than standard nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) and nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries and hold their charge longer.
Orbital Action Some jigsaws and reciprocating saws offer orbital action settings for faster, more aggressive cuts.
Positive Stops Mitre and bevel stops make it fast and easy to adjust saws for cutting common angles, but allow minute adjustments near the positive stops.
Safety Lock-off Switch Guards trigger to minimize accidental starts.
Variable Speed Adjustable speed is an advantage on any tool since it allows you to choose the most appropriate and comfortable speed for each application, enhancing versatility and performance.

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